South Africa’s new democrats: a 2002 profile of democracy in the making

Møller, V. and Hanf, T. (2007) South Africa’s new democrats: a 2002 profile of democracy in the making. Lettres de Byblos / Letters from Byblos (No. 21). International Centre for Human Sciences, Byblos, Lebanon. ISBN 978-9953-0-1118-9




[From the introduction]: South Africa’s dramatic conversion to democracy has been heralded as a modern-day miracle. In former Nobel peace prize winner Archbishop Tutu’s words, it was ‘touch and go’ whether all conflicting parties would participate in the first non-racial elections in April 1994. The ‘rainbow nation’, as the new South Africa liked to call itself in the first years of democracy, was heralded as a beacon of hope and enlightenment for Africa and the world. Since 1994, South Africa has successfully conducted two further national elections that have been declared essentially free and fair. The country has emerged as a leading representative of the economic and political interests of developing countries and the South in the international arena. The question is whether living under democracy has influenced the manner in which South Africans see themselves, their country and the world around them. This report seeks to document how South Africans think and feel some eight years into democracy about issues that are important in their own lives and have significance for the future of their society. The study covers personal experiences, attitudes and beliefs, and the aspirations and fears of ordinary people. It seeks to identify the sentiments and collective experiences that may contribute to or hinder the consolidation of democracy in years to come. The report is based on an inquiry conducted in March 2002 among over two thousand South African adults over 16 years of age in a nationally representative MarkData survey that included all regions of the country.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:democracy; rainbow nation; psychosocial attitudes; harmony; happiness; economy; society; perceptions; religion; beliefs; fears; aspirations; identity; politics; fears; experiences; reconciliation; well-being; transition; elections; surveys; MarkData; multicultural; developing countries; South Africa
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