Living in Rhini : a 2007 update on the 1999 Social Indicators Report

Møller, V. (2008) Living in Rhini : a 2007 update on the 1999 Social Indicators Report. ISER Research Report Series (No. 14). Institute of Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. ISBN 978 086810 446 1




[From the preface]: This report is a sequel to ‘Living in Grahamstown East/Rini – A Social Indicators report’ published by the Institute of Social and Economic Research in 2001 as Number 6 in its Research Report series. The No. 6 monograph was based on results of a sample survey of householders conducted in May 1999 in the area of Makana generally known as Grahamstown East or Rini at that time. This report is based on information collected in November 2007 in the same area. The ‘Living in Rhini’ project takes its title from a series of reports on social indicators initiated by Statistics South Africa (then Central Statistical Services). The popular series aimed to communicate to ordinary people the statistics on living conditions in various parts of the country... The 1999 sample survey conducted among 862 households from all neighbourhoods of Grahamstown East/Rini was a large survey by most standards. The 2007 sample similarly comprises over 1000 households spread over all neighbourhoods of Rhini including the ones developed since 1999.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:social surveys; census; statistics; Statistics South Africa; Central Statistical Services; social conditions; lifestyles; living conditions; identities; social indicators; health; households; neighbourhoods; population; migration; housing; income and savings; quality of life; RDP; blacks; Grahamstown; Rini; Rhini; Makana; Eastern Cape; South Africa
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