Location and mapping of 2.4 GHz RF transmitters

Wells, Daniel David. and Siebörger, I.G. and Irwin, Barry Vivian William (2008) Location and mapping of 2.4 GHz RF transmitters. In: 7th Annual ISSA Conference 2008, 7-9 Jul 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Unpublished)



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This paper describes the use of a MetaGeek WiSpy dongle in conjunction with custom developed client-server software for the accurate identication of Wireless nodes within an organisation. The MetaGeek WiSpy dongle together with the custom developed software allow for the determination of the positions of Wi-Fi transceivers to within a few meters, which can be helpful in reducing the area for physical searches in the event of rogue units. This paper describes the tool and methodology for a site survey as a component that can be used in organisations wishing to audit their environments for wireless networks. The tool produced from this project, the WiSpy Signal Source Mapping Tool, is a three part application based on a client-server architecture. One part interfaces with a low cost 2.4 GHz spectrum analyser, another stores the data collected from all the spectrum analysers and the last part interprets the data to provide a graphical overview of the Wi-Fi network being analysed. The location of the spectrum analysers are entered as GPS points, and the tool can interface with a GPS device to automatically update its geographical location. The graphical representation of the 2.4 GHz spectrum populated with Wi-Fi devices (Wi-Fi network) provided a fairly accurate method in locating and tracking 2.4 GHz devices. Accuracy of the WiSpy Signal Source Mapping Tool is hindered by obstructions or interferences within the area or non line of sight.

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