The dassie and the hunter: a South African meeting, by Jeff Opland: book review

Wylie, D. (2005) The dassie and the hunter: a South African meeting, by Jeff Opland: book review. English in Africa, 32 (2). pp. 247-251. ISSN 0376-8902




[From the intoduction]: In this fascinating if not quite fine book Professor Opland, doyen scholar of oral poetries, treads that razor-edged line, devil of all memoirists, between humility and hubris, between open honesty and wallowing in one’s own unavoidability. David Yali-Manisi, the other half of this “South African meeting,” helps Opland out with his almost indefatigably calming, selfcontained, wise and energised presence. The relationship between these two men is an extraordinary, strangely evolving, not always smooth dance through several decades of South African history, politics, and academia. It really is ‘South African’ in the way in which it serves as lightning-rod to so many racial, personal, party-political, and literary currents in our recent past.

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