"My novel, Hill of Fools" by R.L. Peteni. Transcribed and edited by Laurence Wright

Wright, L.S. (2004) "My novel, Hill of Fools" by R.L. Peteni. Transcribed and edited by Laurence Wright. English in Africa, 31 (2). pp. 25-41. ISSN 0376-8902




R.L. Peteni - 'There is a tendency in human beings to pay no heed to events in small remote areas. They would rather concern themselves only with those events which make headlines, with political upheavals and industrial conflicts centred in large metropolitan regions. Yet there is always drama and human conflict in the humblest rural village. In selecting a pastoral theme and small fictitious villages in an obscure corner of Keiskammahoek as the setting of the novel, I had an ironic intention. Themes illustrated in these obscure villages would, I believed, have more universal application than they would if I had selected a larger centre, identifiable personages and known political trends. I did not want anybody to sit back, complacent, feeling that the spotlight was on Lennox Sebe’s Ciskei alone, or Kaiser Matanzima’s Transkei, or John Vorster’s apartheid South Africa. The spotlight is on the Ciskei, yes, on Transkei, on South Africa, on any other country where public life and personal relationships are bedevilled by tribalism or racialism or any form of sectionalism.'

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Uncontrolled Keywords:R.L. Peteni; Hill of Fools; Chinua Achebe; Ciskei; Transkei; Lennox Sebe; Kaiser Mtanzima; Kaiser Matanzima; A.C. Jordan; apartheid; tribalism; sectionalism; race; South Africa
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