A molecular analysis of the Afrotropical Baetidae

Gattolliat, J.-L. and Monaghan, M.T. and Sartori, M. and Elouard, J.-M. and Barber-James, Helen Margaret and Derleth, P. and Glaizot, O. and de Moor, F.C. and Vogler, A.P. (2008) A molecular analysis of the Afrotropical Baetidae. In: International Advances in the Ecology, Zoogeography and Systematics of Mayflies and Stoneflies. University of California Publications in Entomology (Volume 128). University of California Press, Berkeley / Los Angeles / London, pp. 219-232. ISBN 978-0-520-09868-8



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Recent work on the Afrotropical Baetidae has resulted in a number of important taxonomic changes: several polyphyletic genera have been split and more than 30 new Afrotropical genera have been established. In order to test their phylogenetic relevance and to clarify the suprageneric relationships, we reconstructed the first comprehensive molecular phylogeny of the Afrotropical Baetidae. We sequenced a total of ca. 2300 bp from nuclear (18S) and mitochondrial (12S and 16S) gene regions from 65 species belonging to 26 genera. We used three different approaches of phylogeny reconstruction: direct optimization, maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood. The molecular reconstruction indicates the Afrotropical Baetidae require a global revision at a generic as well as suprageneric level. Only four of the 12 genera were monophyletic when represented by more than one species in the analysis. Historically, two conflicting concepts of the suprageneric classification of Afrotropical Baetidae were proposed. One was based on the gathering of sister genera into complexes and the other on the division of the family into a restricted number of subfamilies. According to our reconstruction, neither is completely satisfactory: the major complexes of genera present in Africa are either paraphyletic or polyphyletic and the division of the Afrotropical Baetidae into two subfamilies is probably too simplified.

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