A synopsis of the Afrotropical Tricorythidae

Barber-James, Helen Margaret (2008) A synopsis of the Afrotropical Tricorythidae. In: International Advances in the Ecology, Zoogeography and Systematics of Mayflies and Stoneflies. University of California Publications in Entomology (Volume 128). University of California Press, Berkeley / Los Angeles / London, pp. 187-203. ISBN 978-0- 520-09868-8



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The Tricorythidae of the Afrotropical Region is currently composed of five described genera, three of which are thought to be restricted to Madagascar (Madecassorythus Elouard and Oliarioniny, Ranorythus Oliarinony and Elouard, and Spinirythus Oliarinony and Elouard), one which is restricted to Africa (Dicercomyzon Demoulin), and one which is thought to be distributed on both landmasses (Tricorythus Eaton). Based on sexual dimorphism, manifest in the relative eye size of mature male and female nymphs and adults and on the structure of the genitalia of adult males, it is proposed that there are two additional genera in Africa, as yet undescribed. One of these genera is represented by a species currently placed in Tricorythus (T. discolor [Burmeister]). Several other undescribed species within South Africa have been identified as belonging to the group. A second lineage is represented by Tricorythus tinctus Kimmins, from Uganda, the only currently described species. There are also several more undescribed species of this group widespread in Africa.

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