Language policy and planning: general constraints and pressures

Wright, L.S. (2007) Language policy and planning: general constraints and pressures. Discussion Paper. Laurence Wright. (Unpublished)




The general idea of language policy and planning is easily expressed. Christopher Brumfit, for one, defines language planning as “The attempt to control the use, status, and structure of a language through a language policy developed by a government or other authority” (see the Oxford Companion to the English Language). The Random House Dictionary of the English Language concurs, but adds some detail: language planning is “the development of policies or programmes designed to direct or change language use, as through the establishment of an official language, the standardization or modernization of a language, or the development or alteration of a writing system”. Such definitions could easily be multiplied, and they differ only slightly in nuance and depth.Language Policy is the formal, often legally entrenched, expression of language planning.

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Additional Information:This paper was commissioned by the English National Language Body as one of a number of discussion papers aimed at enriching the national debate on the South African language dispensation.
Uncontrolled Keywords:language; language policy; language planning; natural language planning; interventionist language planning; factors influencing the success of language planning; official languages; South Africa
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