3.4. Summary

This chapter examined some of the typical problems associated with network monitoring. The first of these was the need to present information in such a way that it is useful to those people at whom it is aimed. Simplicity is often desirable, since the simpler the interface, the broader the spectrum of people who will be able to comprehend it.

The problem of multi-vendor networks that was introduced in Section 2.3.2 was revisited, and a solution was proposed. This solution uses an XML-based markup language to abstract from the vendor-specific SNMP MIBs to an application-specific configuration file. This markup language was successfully used in two applications, which are described in Section 3.3 and Chapter 4.

A performance management application, the monitoring of RADSL remote access lines, was presented as an example of the problems associated with the SNMP MIB-II. RADSL is asymmetric in nature, making it an ideal case to examine the effectiveness of the XML approach presented in Section 3.2.