5.7. Summary

This chapter looked at an active monitoring application (in the performance management area of the OSI model) that tried to predict the growth rate of a network. While this method was more accurate than simple empirical analysis of the maps presented in Chapter 4, it is not without problems of its own. Some of these problems, such as those described in Section 5.3 were easily solved.

Analysis of the results in Section 5.5 showed that there were pitfalls inherent in the interpretation of the data that had been gathered. These problems are more difficult to overcome and require careful preparation and analysis of the data to ensure accurate results.

While this chapter has gone a long way towards solving the problem of predicting the number of hosts on a network, it failed to solve the other difficulty presented in Chapter 4 — that is, physically locating the hosts on the network. Chapter 6 will attempt to address this issue by presenting an alternative approach to locating computers within a building.