9.3. Conclusion

This work looked at Rhodes University's campus-wide local area network with a view to discovering typical network monitoring problems. The intention was to discover the limitations of current network monitoring and management solutions, and to develop innovative solutions to the problems that were identified. Together, these two areas formed the criteria by which suitable candidate problems were ascertained.

For each of the four areas that were investigated, a solution that fulfilled the prescribed criteria was realised. Shortfalls in some of the approaches taken were identified and discussed in the context of providing a more complete solution to the problem. In addition, each target area was discussed in terms of the Open Systems Interconnect network management model in order that its network monitoring role be better understood.

Specific attention was paid to the issue of portability, and in particular, the problem of monitoring heterogeneous networks was investigated. The implications of such heterogeneity relates directly to the portability of the solutions developed in this project and as a result, care was taken to ensure that the impact of this problem would be minimised.

The outcome of this work was a set of novel tools and techniques that served four specific network monitoring needs better than the existing solutions to these problems.