A.8. Applications of the Service

The XML schema describing this web service was made available to postgraduates in the Department of Computer Science at Rhodes University, and as a result a number of applications for this service have come to light.

The most immediate application was to a co-author's own research, where this web service is used to notify network administrators of error conditions on the network. These administrators can then acknowledge receipt of the notification and post back status reports by replying to the SMS message they received.

One of the Masters students in the Department, a member of the IP telephony group at Rhodes, has used the web service described in this paper for the media portion of an example MGCP-complaint gateway, which allows H.323 clients (such as Microsoft's Netmeeting) to send SMS messages.

Many other applications have been proposed for a service such as this. For example, one could set up a client that was linked to a building's access control system. SMS messages could be used to control various access points, such as remotely unlocking a door.

In the same way, a typical computer intruder-detection system could be linked to the service. This could allow systems administrators to receive near real-time notifications of attempted security breaches of their machines.