A.9. Future Work

The SMS protocol does not guarantee delivery of SMS message, so at the time of sending a message there is no way of knowing whether the intended recipient will ever get that message. This has limited the status information provided by this service to indicate whether the message was successfully sent, rather than successfully received.

Like e-mail, however, the SMS protocol provides a way for the MO customer to request delivery confirmation. This confirmation is received in the form of an MT SMS message sent to the customer once the message has been successfully delivered.

The web service could be extended to request such confirmation, and then use the resulting MT SMS to update the status field of the SMS message stored in the database. This would allow a client of the service to check whether or not their SMS message has been successfully delivered.

A further extension to this would be to include a delivery notification flag, like the newsms flag, that gets sent to the client once delivery confirmation has been received.