Nathaniel Merriman’s lecture: “Shakspeare, as Bearing on English History”

Wright, L.S. (2009) Nathaniel Merriman’s lecture: “Shakspeare, as Bearing on English History”. Shakespeare in Southern Africa, 21 . pp. 1-21. ISSN 1011-582X




“Shakspeare, as Bearing on English History” is the second of two lectures on Shakespeare given by Archdeacon Nathaniel Merriman in Grahamstown in 1857. The first was delivered in the Court House on the 2nd September 1857, and the second two months later, on Friday 6th November that same year, again in the Court House. The lecture was published in 1858. An article placing the lectures in their local context appeared in Shakespeare in Southern Africa 20 (2008): 25-37, accompanying an annotated edition of the first lecture, “On the Study of Shakspeare”. Readers desiring details of the editorial principles adopted in producing annotated editions of the two lectures are referred to the introductory material prefacing the first lecture.

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