South African Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century

Wright, L.S. (2009) South African Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century. In: The Shakespearean International Yearbook. Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, England; Burlington VT, USA, pp. 3-28. ISBN 9780754669166




This special section of the Shakespearean International Yearbook asks a series of questions about South African Shakespeare, chapter by chapter, focusing on the twentieth century. The temporal emphasis is deliberate, because it was particularly in the last century that Shakespeare became an issue, albeit a minor one, in relation to the titanic political and ideological struggles that convulsed the country throughout the period. The articles set out to examine and re-assess, in historical sequence, some of the acknowledged highlights of Shakespeare in South Africa in the last century. These are the moments when, for a range of different reasons, Shakespeare troubles the public sphere to claim attention in excess of that normally accorded ‘routine Shakespeare,’ that haphazard succession of productions, tours, educational debates, academic publications, reviews and commentary that comprises the internal history of the subject.

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Additional Information:The special section on South African Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century in the Shakespearean International Yearbook 9, edited by Laurence Wright, contains the following chapters: 1. Introduction: South African Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century by Laurence Wright 2. Loyal Memory: The Tercentenary in Colonial Cape Town by Peter Merrington 3. The Merchant of Venice in the City of Gold: The Tercentenary in Johannesburg by Victor Houliston 4. The Colonial Encounter and The Comedy of Errors: Solomon Plaatje's Diposho-posho by Deborah Seddon 5. Shakespeare on the Apartheid Stage: The Subversive Strain by Rohan Quince 6. Umabatha: Zulu play or Shakespeare translation? by Laurence Wright 7. Iago and the Swart Gevaar: The Problems and Pleasures of a (Post)colonial Othello by Robert Gordon 8. Tony's Will: Titus Andronicus in South Africa 1995 by Natasha Distiller 9. Giving Place to Shakespeare: Geoffrey Haresnape's African Tales from Shakespeare by Rebecca Fensome
Uncontrolled Keywords:Shakespeare; South Africa; colonial; postcolonial; Peter Merrington; Victor Houliston; Deborah Seddon; Laurence Wright; Rohan Quince; Robert Gordon; Natasha Distiller; Rebecca Fensome; The African Theatre; Sir George Yonge; Lady Anne Barnard; Nathaniel Merriman; Tercentenary; Sol. Plaatje; Welcome Msomi; Umabatha; apartheid; Janet Suzman; Othello; Anthony Sher; Titus Andronicus; Geoffrey Haresnape; Yael Farber; Martin Orkin; David Johnson; John Clark; Frederick Charles Kolbe; R.G. Howarth; J.C. Smuts; A.C. Partridge; D.R.C. Marsh; Anthony Davies; F.G. Butler; Guy Butler; David Schalkwyk
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