Developing evidence-based practice: the role of case-based research

Edwards, D.J.A. and Dattilio, F.M. and Bromley, D.B. (2004) Developing evidence-based practice: the role of case-based research. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 35 (6). pp. 589-597. ISSN 0735-7028



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How can practitioners engage in evidence-based practice when the evidence for effectiveness of psychological treatments comes from randomized controlled trials using patient populations different from those encountered in everyday settings and treatment manuals that seem oversimplified and inflexible? The authors argue that important evidence about best practice comes from case-based research, which builds knowledge in a clinically useful manner and complements what is achieved by multivariate research methods. A multidimensional model of the research process is provided that includes clinical practice and case-based research as significant contributors. The authors summarize the principles of case-based research and provide examples of recent technical advances. Finally, the authors suggest ways in which practitioners can apply the case-based approach in researching and publishing their own cases, perhaps in collaboration with university-based researchers.

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