The role of higher education in society: valuing higher education

Badat, S. (2009) The role of higher education in society: valuing higher education. In: HERS-SA Academy 2009, 13-19 Sept 2009, University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)




[from the introduction] Arthur E. Levine, President of the Teachers College of Columbia University, writes that "In the early years of the Industrial Revolution, the Yale Report of 1828 asked whether the needs of a changing society required either major or minor changes in higher education. The report concluded that it had asked the wrong question. The right question was, What is the purpose of higher education?" Levine goes on to add that questions related to higher education “have their deepest roots in that fundamental question” and that “faced with a society in motion, we must not only ask that question again, but must actively pursue answers, if our colleges and universities are to retain their vitality in a dramatically different world”. I propose to speak about three issues: the first is about our changing world; the second is about the three purposes of higher education; the third is about what I consider to be the five key roles of higher education. Finally, I want to conclude by making some observations on the sometimes unrealistic expectations of higher education.

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