Electrochemical studies of titanium, manganese and cobalt phthalocyanines

Nombona, N. (2009) Electrochemical studies of titanium, manganese and cobalt phthalocyanines. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.




Syntheses, spectral, electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical studies of phenylthio and amino derivatised metallophthalocyanines complexes are reported. The complexes are immobilized onto a gold macro disk, gold ultramicroelectrode and gold coated fiber electrodes via self assembly with phenylthio MPc derivatives or onto a glassy carbon electrode via electropolymerisation with amino MPc derivatives. For the first time MPc SAMs were formed on gold coated fiber. The electrocatalytic behavior of the modified electrodes was studied for the detection of nitrite and L-cysteine, all modified electrodes showed improved electrocatalytic oxidation compared to the unmodified electrode. The MPc complexes catalyzed nitrite oxidation via a two-electron mechanism producing nitrate. Cobalt tetraaminophthalocyanine showed the best catalytic activity for nitrite oxidation in terms of overpotential lowering compared to other complexes and thus was used for nitrite detection in a food sample, the nitrite concentration was determined to be 59.13 ppm, well within the limit for cured meat products. Electrocatalytic oxidation of L-cysteine on SAM modified gold coated fiber was reported for the first time. The gold coated fiber and ultamicro cylinder electrode were less stable towards the electro-oxidation of cysteine compared to its oxidation on the gold disk. The gold disk electrode gave better catalytic performance in terms of stability and reduction of overpotential. The phenylthio cobalt phthalocyanine derivative gave the best catalytic activity for L-cysteine oxidation in terms of overpotential lowering compared to other phenylthio derivatized MPc complexes. The amount of L-cysteine in human urine was 2.4 mM, well within the urinary L-cysteine excretion range for a healthy human being.

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