Role of percutaneous penetration enhancers

Walker, R.B. and Smith, E.W. (1996) Role of percutaneous penetration enhancers. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 18 (3). pp. 295-301.




It is clear that scientists are now only beginning to comprehend the complexity of transdermal drug delivery. Elucidation of the biochemical composition and functioning of the intrinsic diffusional barrier of the stratum corneum has prompted investigation of chemical and physical means of enhancing the percutaneous penetration of poorly absorbed drugs. Chemical enhancers that aid absorption of co-administered moieties are currently believed to improve solubility within the stratum corneum or increase lipid fluidity of the intracellular bilayers. Alternatively,the use of ionto- or phonophoresis may facilitate the absorption of some drug molecules by physical alteration of the barrier. The role of penetration enhancer inclusion in topical formulations has been well documented and will undoubtedly, in the future, permit the delivery of broader classes of drugs through the stratum corneum.

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