In the gaze of God : aspects of the spiritual significance of Rublev's holy trinity

Snyman, Desiree (2001) In the gaze of God : aspects of the spiritual significance of Rublev's holy trinity. Other thesis, Rhodes University.




An icon is more than an image. It is a “sacramental form of presence” that makes present that which it signifies (Evdokimov 1976:167). To come before an icon is to come before the presence of God. To gaze at an icon is to pray. Rublev’s Holy Trinity icon (see frontispiece) is a theology in colour. Inspired by the story in Genesis 18, the icon depicts the three hypostases of the Trinity sitting around an altar with a chalice placed on top. The Biblical story is an account of the genuine hospitality that Abraham and Sarah shared with three pilgrims. This theme of hospitality is expressed by the three hypostases in the icon who invite the cosmos to share in their love-life. This research project investigates aspects of the spiritual significance that Rublev’s icon has on our Christian living. To this end, an interpretation of the icon is offered in chapter two. Chapter three focuses on the relationship among the three hypostases in the icon. This chapter reflects on the meaning that trinitarian perichÇr�sis could have on our spiritual living in the way we develop our relationships and the type of church and socio-political structures we adopt and support. The research project also explores the meaning that Rublev’s icon could have for Methodists. The resource that Wesleyan spirituality offers to those who seek a deepened spirituality is the doctrine of Christian perfection. Perfection, in the Wesleyan model, is sought through the means of grace, nurtured through Christian koinonia and evidenced in social transformation. Christian perfection is discussed with reference to Rublev’s icon in chapter four. Chapter five summarises aspects of the spirituality of the icon, postulates some implications that the icon has and unravels key issues arising out of this study.

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