Revision of the gunard fish subgenus Otohime (Triglidae: Pterygotrigla)

Richards, W. J. and Yato, T. and Last, P. R. (2003) Revision of the gunard fish subgenus Otohime (Triglidae: Pterygotrigla). Smithiana [Bulletin]: Publications in aquatic biodiversity (2). 18 p.. ISSN 1684-4130




The subgenus Otohime of the triglid genus Pterygotrigla is revised and includes descriptions of six new species (P. amaokai, P. draiggoch, P. elicryste, P. hafizi, P. soela, and P. urashimai) and diagnoses of five previously described species (P. arabica, P. hemisticta, P. multipunctata, P. spirai, and P.tagala). All are poorly represented in museum collections and are distributed in tropical waters of the Indian and western Pacific oceans. The subgenus Otohime is unique within Pterygotrigla in having a very long opercular spine and cleithral spines reduced or absent . The species characters used for identification are the number of joined pectoral-fin rays and second dorsal-rays, colouration of the pectoral fin and first dorsal fin, breast squamation, and number of gill rakers and a few other meristic and morphometric features. Otohime species are very similar in morphometry and meristics and the extent of intraspecific variation is indeterminable from the small collections available. A brief discussion of the genus Pterygotrigla is provided together with its current species composition that is thought to include the unresolved triglid Prionotus alepis. A range extension is given for Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus.

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