Continuity and generalized continuity in dynamics and other applications

Mimna, Roy Alan (2002) Continuity and generalized continuity in dynamics and other applications. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.




The topological dynamics of continuous and noncontinuous dynamical systems are investigated. Various definitions of chaos are studied, as well as notions of stability. Results are obtained on asymptotically stable sets and the perturbation stability of such sets. The primary focus is on the traditional point sets of topological dynamics, including the chain recurrent set, omega-limit sets and attractors. The basic setting is that of a continuous function on a compact metric space, sometimes with additional properties on the space. The investigation includes results on the dynamical properties of typical continuous functions in the sense of Baire category. Results are also developed concerning dynamical systems involving quasi-continuous functions. An invariance property for the omega-limit sets of such functions is given. Omega-limit sets are characterized for Riemann integrable derivatives and derivatiyes which are continuous almost everywhere. Techniques used in the investigation and formulation of results include finding theorems which relate the rather disparate notions of dynamical properties and generalized continuity. In addition to dynamical systems, numerous other applications of generalized continuity are imoestigated. Techniques used include application of the Baire Category Theorem and the notion of semi-closure. For example, results are formulated concerning functions determined by dense sets, including separately continuous functions, thus generalizing the classical result for continuous functions on dense subsets of the domain. The uniform boundedness theorem is extended to functions which are not necessarily continuous, including various derivatives. The closed graph theorem is strictly generalized in two separate ways, and applications are presented using these generalizations. An invariance property of separately continuous functions is given. Cluster sets are studied in connection with separate continuity, and various results are presented concerning locally bounded functions.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Topological dynamics, Chaos, Stability, Perturbation stability, Chain recurrent set, Omega-limit sets, Attractors, Baire category theorem
Subjects:Q Science > QA Mathematics
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Supervisors:Kotzé, Wesley
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