Dynamics of a lattice Universe: the dust approximation in cosmology

Bruneton, J-P. and Larena, J (2012) Dynamics of a lattice Universe: the dust approximation in cosmology. Classical and quantum gravity, 29 (15). ISSN 1361-6382 (In Press)



Official URL: http://eprintweb.org/S/article/gr-qc/1204.3433


We find a solution to Einstein field equations for a regular toroidal lattice of size L with equal masses M at the centre of each cell; this solution is exact at order M/L. Such a solution is convenient to study the dynamics of an assembly of galaxy-like objects. We find that the solution is expanding (or contracting) in exactly the same way as the solution of a Friedman–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker Universe with dust having the same average density as our model. This points towards the absence of backreaction in a Universe filled with an infinite number of objects, and this validates the fluid approximation, as far as dynamics is concerned, and at the level of approximation considered in this work.

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