Comparison of extent and transformation of South Africa’s woodland biome from two national databases

Thompson, M.W. and Vink, E.R. and Fairbanks, D.H.K. and Ballance, A and Shackleton, C.M. (2001) Comparison of extent and transformation of South Africa’s woodland biome from two national databases. South African Journal of Science, 97 (5 & 6). pp. 179-182. ISSN 0038-2353




[From introduction] The recent completion of the South African National Land-Cover Database and the Vegetation Map of South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, allows for the first time a comparison to be made on a national scale between the current and potential distribution of ‘natural’ vegetation resources. This article compares the distribution and location of woodland-type vegetation categories defined within the National Land-Cover data and the equivalent ‘Savanna-thicket Biomes’ class defined within the Vegetation Mapdata. Significant differences were found, both in terms of the total areal extent, as well as the actual spatial distribution of these two data sets. These differences are a measure of the inherent mapping accuracies of each source, but rather an illustration of boundary delineation distinctions that are a result of different data sources, mapping objectives and information classes, that must be noted when comparing two essentially similar information sets.

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