The effect of short chain fatty acids on picornavirus replication

Ismail-Cassim, Nazeem (1993) The effect of short chain fatty acids on picornavirus replication. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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Picornavirus proteins VP1 to VP3 are exposed on the surface of the virus particle whereas VP4 is internal and modified at its amino terminus by the addition of myristic acid (Chow et al., 1987; Paul et al., 1987). Myristic acid occupies a position in the core of mature poliovirus particles; it has been suggested that it may be important for particle integrity or in the localization of the capsid protein precursor on the hydrophobic membranes during virion assembly (Chow et al., 1987). To determine the function of the amino-terminal myristylation of VP4 in picornaviruses, and to establish whether competition for the acylation site is a possible approach to antiviral chemotherapy, the effect of fatty acids on virus replication has been examined. Some fatty acids are able to enter picornavirus-infected cells and compete for the myristylation site on VP4. Unexpectedly, it was found that short chain fatty acids also inhibit an early event in the replication of bovine enterovirus (BEV) at concentrations which have no detectable effect on cellular macromolecular synthesis and cloning. These findings indicate that fatty acids inhibit cell-mediated uncoating. Short chain fatty acids inhibit the replication of bovine enterovirus but are almost ineffective against poliovirus type 1, coxsackievirus B5, encephalomyocarditis virus and human rhinovirus lB. Lauric acid binds to bovine enterovirus, thereby stabilizing the virus particle to heat degradation. Fatty acid-bound virions attach to susceptible cells but fail to undergo cell-mediated uncoating. The inhibitory effect is reversible with chloroform and may result from a hydrophobic interaction between the fatty acid and a specific site on the virus particie.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Picornavirus proteins, Amino terminus, Myristic acid, Poliovirus, Particle integrity, Capsid protein precursor, Hydrophobic membranes, Virion assembly, Antiviral chemotherapy, Fatty acids, Bovine enterovirus, Coxsackievirus B5, Encephalomyocarditis virus, Human rhinovirus, Lauric acid
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