Babesia canis : a characterization of five field stocks in Southern Africa

Van Heerden, Garth William (1994) Babesia canis : a characterization of five field stocks in Southern Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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This study attempted to characterise 5 field stocks of B. canis, collected from various geographic areas of southern Africa in terms of pathogenicity , immune response, cross resistance and antigenic composition. This was done by means of artificial infection of two to four year old Beagle dogs. Serological tests included indirect fluorescent antibody tests, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis , Western blotting of B. canis antigen and immune serum transfers. The ZIM1, GHT1 , QTN1 and DBN1 stocks were found to be virulent and the JHB1 stock, which might be a cardiac form of babesiosis , was found to be highly virulent. Immune responses of dogs to primary challenges were poor. A second challenge or relapse was important in the development of a resistant immunity. Heterologous challenges showed that dogs which were immune to the ZIM1, QTN1 and DBN1 stocks were partially immune to the JHB1 stock. The dog that was immune to the GHT1 stock was the only one that was totally resistant to the JHB1 stock. Western blots revealed interstock antigenic variation between the JHB1 and the other four stocks. These differences were, however, not great enough to separate the stocks taxonomically.

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