Energy versus angular momentum in black hole binaries

Damour, T. and Nagar, A. and Pollney, D. and Reisswig, C. (2012) Energy versus angular momentum in black hole binaries. Physical Review Letters, 108 (13). p. 131101. ISSN 1079-7114

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Using accurate numerical-relativity simulations of (nonspinning) black-hole binaries with mass ratios 1∶1, 2∶1, and 3∶1, we compute the gauge-invariant relation between the (reduced) binding energy E and the (reduced) angular momentum j of the system. We show that the relation E(j) is an accurate diagnostic of the dynamics of a black-hole binary in a highly relativistic regime. By comparing the numerical-relativity ENR(j) curve with the predictions of several analytic approximation schemes, we find that, while the canonically defined, nonresummed post-Newtonian–expanded EPN(j) relation exhibits large and growing deviations from ENR(j), the prediction of the effective one body formalism, based purely on known analytical results (without any calibration to numerical relativity), agrees strikingly well with the numerical-relativity results.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Analytic approximation; Analytical results; Black holes; Mass ratio; Numerical relativity; Relativistic regime; Binding energy; relativity
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