An appraisal of the applicability of development journalism in the context of public service broadcasting (PSB)

Banda, Fackson (2006) An appraisal of the applicability of development journalism in the context of public service broadcasting (PSB). In: 'News Content Planning' workshop of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), 20 Oct - 22 Oct 2006, Boksburg, South Africa. (Unpublished)




The concept of ‘development journalism’ has, over time, become possessed by demons of all sorts of confusion. If we want to wrest any useful principles from the concept, it is important that we exorcise the demons it has come to be associated with, not least the demon of the postcolonial state’s blatant interference in the practice of journalism. This ‘demonisation’ of the concept is partly suggested by Shah’s observation that ‘development journalism’, central to many discussions of mass communication and development in the Third World, needs to be reconceptualised because deliberations about its validity and usefulness have been bogged down in arguments structured by Western notions of press freedom. The debate has diverted attention from important questions about how journalism can contribute to participatory democracy, security, peace, and other humanistic values (Shah 1996: 143). In this paper, therefore, I will, firstly, discuss the conceptual basis of development journalism. I will rely heavily on development communication theorising, which informs most of the discussions about development journalism. I want to demonstrate the historical ‘moments’ through which the concept has passed and, by so doing, point out the more redeemable features of the concept. Secondly, I will discuss the relevance of the development journalism paradigm to public service broadcasting. In conclusion, I will draw out some principles of development journalism and demonstrate how these can be implemented within the context of public service broadcasting.

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