Magma flow inferred from AMS fabrics in a layered mafic sill, Insizwa, South Africa

Ferré, E.C. and Bordarier, C. and Marsh, J.S. (2002) Magma flow inferred from AMS fabrics in a layered mafic sill, Insizwa, South Africa. Tectonophysics, 354 (1-2). pp. 1-23. ISSN 0040-1951



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The Insizwa sill, is a 25-km-diameter, >1000-m-thick layered mafic intrusion, part of the Karoo Igneous Province in South Africa. The peridotitic and gabbronoritic rocks are undeformed and mineral fabrics demonstrably result from magma flow. A horizontal, centimeter-scale model layering is visible in numerous outcrops. Plagioclase crystals are both tabular and elongated. Their preferred orientation, parallel to the layering, forms a foliation and a NW–SE lineation, respectively interpreted as the magma flow plane and flow direction. Throughout the 78 stations of this study (699 specimens), magnetic susceptibilities (K[subscript m]) range from 750 to 10,000×10[superscript (−6)] SI. The magnetic anisotropy (P[subscript j]) ranges from 1.03 to 1.08. Magnetic ellipsoids are both prolate and oblate (average T[subscript j]≈0). Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) fabrics are dominated by multidomain to pseudo-single domain magnetite. High-field magnetic experiments indicate that the paramagnetic contribution from the mafic silicates is less than 50% for low susceptibility rock types. The anisotropy results from magnetite grain shape solely as shown by no significant increase in P[subscript j] with increasing K[subscript m]. The magnetic lineation (305°, 05°) is consistent throughout the sill at various scales and coincides with the mineral lineation in average. In contrast, the magnetic foliation (125° NE 10°) is generally perpendicular to the mineral foliation and to the layering. Several explanations for this odd configuration are discussed. The variations of magnetic parameters across the layering and field observations point to a multiple injection. The magnetic lineation is consistent with the presence of a single feeder dike situated to the SE of the sill.

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