Multiprotocol control of networked home entertainment devices

Siebörger, David Robert (2004) Multiprotocol control of networked home entertainment devices. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.




Networks will soon connect a wide range of computing devices within the home. Amongst those devices will be home entertainment devices. Remote control over the network will be a key application for networked entertainment devices, and requires a protocol for communication understood by both controller and controlled device. Devices capable of communication using multiple control protocols will be compatible with a wider range of controllers than those which implement only one control protocol. This work examines home networks and a number of control protocols. The implementations of the UPnP and AV/C protocols for an AV receiver are described. The issues involved in the concurrent use of multiple control protocols to control a device are considered, possible methods of concurrent control discussed, and a solution which simulates virtual copies of the device is implemented and tested.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Additional Information:M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Uncontrolled Keywords:home entertainment systems, networked entertainment devices, communication protocol, multiple control protocols
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