Where has all the Geography gone? : a social constructivist perspective of Curriculum 2005

Van Harmelen, U. (1999) Where has all the Geography gone? : a social constructivist perspective of Curriculum 2005. South African Geographical Journal, 81 (2). pp. 80-85. ISSN 0373-6245




The apparently tenuous position of geography in Curriculum 2005 suggests the need to reassess the nature and role of geographical education for the South African learner. The new curriculum is designed to provide a general education experience and this paper therefore considers geography's role within this framework. In so doing it raises questions that impact on the view we take of geography within Curriculum 2005 and explores the implications for teaching and learning within this educational band. For many learners in South Africa geography is seen as little more than 'book knowledge'. Not only has the content been de-contextualised from the learner's reality, but also the method of learning is largely dependent on the rote learning of a frightening array of facts from a single textbook or teacher designed notes. However, the learner-centred approach adopted by Curriculum 2005 creates considerable possibilities for the development of geographical understanding in the sense of making meaning, problem solving and the development of creative and critical thinking. The situation of geographical education in the GET band of Curriculum 2005 presents geography educators and teacher educators with considerable challenges and demands a radical shift in perspective in terms of what constitutes geographical knowledge in this band as well as its acquisition. The paper argues that a social constructivist approach within the 'new' systems theory, creates possibilities for learners to acquire the conceptual understanding, skills, values and attitudes needed as a foundation for further learning in geography and to enable them to function effectively and responsibly in space-place and time.

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