Issues in contemporary geographical hydrology

Hughes, D.A. (2002) Issues in contemporary geographical hydrology. South African Geographical Journal, 84 (1). pp. 139-144. ISSN 0373-6245




Finding solutions to the many water resource utilisation problems that face South Africa has been the driving force behind a large part of the hydrological research that has been undertaken in the country. Any review of the methodology and past or present issues of hydrology in South Africa would find it difficult to distinguish between those that are part of engineering hydrology, and those that are part of geographical hydrology. Both have a great deal to contribute to solving the water resource management problems of South Africa and these contributions should be made in a co-operative framework. As will be demonstrated in the paper, the changing face of South Africa and the requirements of managing water in a transformed, democratic society have made the need for co-operation across various disciplines even more essential.

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