Complexes of mercury(II) and zinc(II) with primary aromatic amines

Haigh, J.M. and van Dam, M.A. and Thornton, D.A. (1967) Complexes of mercury(II) and zinc(II) with primary aromatic amines. Journal of the South African Chemical Institute, 20 . pp. 113-122. ISSN 0038-2078




A series of amine complexes has been prepared by reaction of zinc chloride and mercuric chloride with primary aromatic amines. A detailed assignment of the bands in the infra-red spectra of the complexes in the range 4000-625 cm [superscript]-1 is presented. The symmetric and asymmetric N-H stretching frequencies follow the relationship v(sym) = 345.5+ 0.876v(asym). The C-N stretching frequencies exhibit a linear relationship with the Hammett α-functions for the m- and p-substituted amines.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:primary aromatic amines; complexes; mercuric chloride; zinc chloride
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