Comparative blanching activities of proprietary diflucortolone valerate topical preparations

Coleman, G.L. and Kanfer, I. and Haigh, J.M. (1978) Comparative blanching activities of proprietary diflucortolone valerate topical preparations. Dermatologica, 156 (4). pp. 224-230. ISSN 0011-9075




The blanching activities and hence bioavailabilities of the cream, ointment and fatty ointment preparations of Nerisone and Temetex (diflucortolone valerate 0.1%) were evaluated using an occluded and unoccluded blanching assay. These products were compared to Synalar ointment and cream (fluocinolone acetonide 0.025%), established topical corticosteroid preparations. Statistical analysis showed no significant differences between similar formulations of diflucortolone valerate. Significant differences were noted between diflucortolone valerate and fluocinolone acetonide preparations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:diflucortolone valerate; blanching reaction; diflucortolone derivative; bioavailability; blanching reaction; cream; diflucortolone derivative; human; ointment
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