Towards the trophic structure of the Bouvet Island marine ecosystem

Jacob, U. and Brey, T. and Fetzer, I. and Kaehler, S. and Mintenbeck, K. and Dunton, K. and Beyer, K. and Struck, U. and Pakhomov, E.A. and Arntz, W.E. (2006) Towards the trophic structure of the Bouvet Island marine ecosystem. Polar Biology, 29 (2). pp. 106-113. ISSN 0722-4060



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Although Bouvet Island is of considerable importance for Southern Ocean species conservation, information on the marine community species inventory and trophic functioning is scarce. Our combined study of stable isotopes and feeding relationships shows that (1) the marine system conforms to the trophic pattern described for other Antarctic systems within the Antarctic circumpolar current (ACC); (2) both the benthic and the pelagic subsystem are almost exclusively linked via suspended particulate organic matter (SPOM); and (3) there is no evidence of a subsystem driven by macroalgae. Bouvet Island can therefore be characterized as a benthic “oasis” within a self-sustaining open ocean pelagic system.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:community structure; marine ecosystem; trophic structure; ecosystem function; stable isotope; Bouvet Island; Atlantic islands; Atlantic Ocean
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