Burrow utilization by springhares (Pedetescapensis) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Peinke, D.M. and Brown, C.R. (2005) Burrow utilization by springhares (Pedetescapensis) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. African Zoology, 40 (1). pp. 37-44. ISSN 1562-7020




The use of burrows by springhares was investigated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa using radio telemetry. Springhares utilized 4–27 different burrows scattered over areas ranging from 0.6–28.5 ha, with maximum distances of 170–1000 m between burrows. Springhares frequently changed burrows, seldom spending more than a few consecutive days in each, unless rearing young. The number of burrows used by individuals was correlated with the length of time they were tracked and, even after a year, some individuals were still occupying burrows previously unused by them. Males and females did not differ significantly in the mean number of burrows used, the mean area over which these were distributed, or the mean maximum distance between burrows. Springhares were generally solitary and occupied burrows were, with few exceptions, apparently avoided by conspecifics.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Burrow distribution; Burrow utilization; Pedetes capensis; Springhares; biotelemetry; burrow; habitat use; rodent; Pedetidae; Eastern Cape; South Africa; Southern Africa
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