An investigation into the deployment of IEEE 802.11 networks

Janse van Rensburg, J.H. (2007) An investigation into the deployment of IEEE 802.11 networks. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.





Currently, the IEEE 802.11 standard is the leading technology in the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) market. It provides flexibility and mobility to users, which in turn, increase productivity. Opposed to traditional fixed Local Area Network (LAN) technologies, WLANs are easier to deploy and have lower installation costs. Unfortunately, there are problems inherent within the technology and standard that inhibits its performance. Technological problems can be attributed to the physical medium of a WLAN, the electromagnetic (EM) wave. Standards based problems include security issues and the MAC layer design. However the impact of these problems can be mitigated with proper planning and design of the WLAN. To do this, an understanding of WLAN issues and the use of WLAN software tools are necessary. This thesis discusses WLAN issues such as security and electromagnetic wave propagation and introduces software that can aid the planning, deployment and maintenance of a WLAN. Furthermore the planning, implementation and auditing phases of a WLAN lifecylce are discussed. The aim being to provide an understanding of the complexities involved to deploy and maintain a secure and reliable WLAN.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:IEEE 802.11 standard, wireless network, wireless security, WLAN
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