Rhodes eResearch Repository Submission Guidelines

  1. Only research generated while authors are affiliated to Rhodes University is eligible for the Rhodes eResearch Repository. See also Content Guidelines.
  2. Users who wish to submit their material to the repository need access to the registered user area. Staff and post-graduate students of Rhodes University, its affiliates, and associated research units can log into the ReRR with their normal Rhodes credentials.
  3. Ensure that you understand the publisher's copyright and self-archiving policies: see the SHERPA list at http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php or contact the publisher directly. The RU Library Faculty Liaison Services can also be contacted for advice.
  4. Convert the electronic version of your paper to a suitable format: PDF, HTML, Postscript or an ASCII text file. Supplementary documents, such as images, sound files and data files, are accepted in other formats.
  5. Other data to have on hand when submitting an item:
    • Bibliographic details (names for all the authors and publication citation information including websites where relevant)
    • Abstract
    • References
    • Keywords that will help users to retrieve your work

You are now ready to add items to the database. Simply complete the online form and upload the electronic document(s) by following the prompts. Use copy and paste where convenient, especially when entering the title, abstract and references.
Note: Submitted items will not appear in the live repository until they have been checked.

If you require any assistance with the submission or registration process you can contact the ReRR Adminstrators at eprints@ru.ac.za.