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Hepburn, H.R. and Radloff, S.E. (2004) The wing coupling apparatus and the morphometric analysis of honeybee populations. South African Journal of Science, 100 (11 & 12). pp. 565-570. ISSN 0038-2353

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Goodall, V.L. (2007) Statistical analyses of artificial waterpoints: their effect on the herbaceous and woody structure composition within the Kruger National Park. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Glover, E. N. (2009) Analytic pricing of American put options. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tsilo, L. C. (2009) Protein secondary structure prediction using neural networks and support vector machines. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sharp, Gary David (2010) Lag length selection for vector error correction models. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Majakwara, Jacob (2009) Application of multiserver queueing to call centres. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dastile, Xolani Collen (2011) Improved tree species discrimination at leaf level with hyperspectral data : combining binary classifiers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Petrov, Pavel (2011) Cointegration in equity markets : a comparison between South African and major developed and emerging markets. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mutengwa, Tafadzwa Isaac (2011) An analysis of the Libor and Swap market models for pricing interest-rate derivatives. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Northrop, Amada Rosalind (2008) Importance of various data sources in deterministic stock assessment models. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Webster, Gregg Robert (2011) Bayesian logistic regression models for credit scoring. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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