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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Probyn, M.J. and van der Mescht, H. (2001) Mentoring and prospects for teacher development - a South African perspective. In: Mentoring in the New Millenium: the Second British Council Regional Mentor Conference, 13-16 April , 2000, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Wright, L.S. (2010) Learning to be original. In: Distinguished Senior Research Award Lecture , 4 May 2010, Rhodes University. (Unpublished)


Bell, A.N. (2008) The male novelist and the 'woman question' : George Meredith's presentation of his Heroines in The Egoist (1879) and Diana of the Crossways (1885). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Alexander, Jamie Kim (2011) Stories from forest, river and mountain : exploring children's cultural environmental narratives and their role in the transmission of cultural connection to and protection of biodiversity. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gowans, Elizabeth (2012) Butterfly bones. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mahlangu, Songeziwe (2012) Penumbra. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Malatji, Reneilwe (2012) Love interrupted (short story anthology). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tshisela, Namhla (2012) Ties that bind. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van der Nest, Megan (2012) Silence, like breathing. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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