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Meyer, E. and Smith, E.W. and Haigh, J.M. (1992) Sensitivity of different areas of the flexor aspect of the human forearm to corticosteroid-induced skin blanching. British Journal of Dermatology, 127 (4). pp. 379-381. ISSN 0007-0963

Smith, E.W. and Haigh, J.M. (1992) In vitro diffusion cell design and validation. II. Temperature, agitation and membrane effects on betamethasone 17-valerate permeation. Acta Pharmaceutica Nordica, 4 (3). pp. 171-178. ISSN 1100-1801

Lewis, C.A. (1992) 56 years old and growing: Geography. Rhodes Review . pp. 11-13. ISSN 0035-4678

Haigh, J.M. and Smith, E.W. and Meyer, E. and Fassihi, A.R. (1992) Influence of the oil phase dispersion in a cream base on the in vivo release of betamethasone 17-valerate. S.T.P. Pharma Sciences (France), 2 . pp. 259-264. ISSN 1157-1489

Cooper, J. and Crafford, J.E. and Hecht, T. (1992) Introduction and extinction of brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in an impoverished subantarctic stream. Antarctic Science, 4 (1). pp. 9-14. ISSN 0954-1020

De Klerk, V.A. (1992) How taboo are taboo words for girls? Language in Society, 21 (2). pp. 277-289. ISSN 0047-4045

Jacot-Guillarmod, François F (1992) From FidoNet to Internet: The evolution of a national network. Proceedings of INET '92, International Networking Conference, Kobe, Japan, June, 1992 .

Lewis, C.A. (1992) The Viking. The Phoenix: magazine of the Albany Museum, 5 (3). p. 35. ISSN 1011-8136

Book Section

Smith, E.W. and Meyer, E. and Haigh, J.M. (1992) Accuracy and reproducibility of the multiple-reading skin blanching assay. In: Topical Corticosteroids. Karger, Basel, Switzerland, pp. 65-73. ISBN 3805553323

Conference or Workshop Item

De Klerk, V.A. (1992) Power play and the changing face of English. In: Inaugural Lecture, 11 March 1992, Rhodes University, Grahamstown. (Unpublished)


Saks, D.Y. (1992) The failure of the Coloured Persons' Representative Council and its constitutional repercussions, 1956-1985. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Donkin, Deborah Jean (1992) A study of Oliver Messiaen's song-cycles Poèmes pour mi, Chants de terre et de ciel, and Harawi. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Andrew, Maura (1992) A geographical study of agricultural change since the 1930s in Shixini Location, Gatyana district, Transkei. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ashwell, Alice Nicola (1992) Project water (Grahamstown): a case study of the development of an environmental education project. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Awah, Edmund Kpabi (1992) Regulation of the indoleamines by sex steroids. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Badenhorst, John Henry (1992) The role of the teachers' centre in the professional development and in-service training of teachers with specific reference to the East London Teachers' Centre. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Banoo, Shabir (1992) Neuropharmacological interactions in the rat pineal gland: a study of antidepressant drugs. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Barrett, Janice Anne (1992) A study of the role of nature conservation law enforcement officers as facilitators of environmental education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bean, Pat (1992) Educational computing in secondary schools of the Cape Education Department : a research survey to assess computing facility acquisition and its utilization. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Beyers, Ronald Noel (1992) Selecting educational computer software and evaluating its use, with special reference to biology education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Blamey, Nigel John Frederick (1992) The geology and evaluation of the "A"-reef at No.3 shaft, Western Holdings Mine, Welkom goldfield. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Boqwana, Eleanor Pindiwe (1992) Fieldwork as a compensatory teaching strategy for rural black senior secondary schools. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Boucher, Kim Gillian (1992) The effect of pineapple cultivation on factors influencing soil erodibility in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Brennan, Michael Brendan (1992) The genesis of ilmenite-rich heavy mineral deposits in the Bothaville/Delmas area, and an economic analysis of titanium, with particular reference to the Dwarsfontein deposit, Delmas district. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Brown, Clint (1992) In vitro effects of three organic calcium channel blockers on the rat pineal gland. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Brüning, Adrian Rudolf Nicolaus Ernst (1992) A polarimetric method for collagenase activity measurement. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bunyan, David Christopher (1992) Beyond all words : a psychoanalytic approach to the phenomenon of mysticism in literature. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Burton, Michael Howard (1992) Fuzzy uniform spaces. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Carmichael-Kathan, Averil Margaret (1992) Public relations in community work: a public relations programme for direct service organisations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cobban, Dale Anne (1992) Evaluation of three simple hydrosalinity models applied to citrus orchards in the Lower Coerney River irrigation area, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cole, Lorna (1992) An examination of the suitability of some contemporary South African fiction for readers in the post-developmental reading stage. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Davidson, Deborah Nicole (1992) Chemical and spectroscopic studies of chromone derivatives. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

De Bruin, Aletta Hester (1992) Structural studies on the capsular antigens of Escherichia coli serotypes K102 and K47. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

De Klerk, William Johan (1992) Petrogenesis of the upper critical zone in the western Bushveld complex with emphasis on the UG1 footwall and bastard units. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

De-Heer-Menlah, Frederick Kofi (1992) Analyzing communication flow and process placement in Linda programs on transputers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dixon, Mark Geoffrey (1992) The effect of temperature and photoperiod on the digestive physiology of the South African abalone Haliotis midae. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dixon, Robyn (1992) What can TOLs reveal about the nature of ESL reading? : a critical evaluation of current ESL research utilising think-aloud protocols. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dore, Ian Stuart (1992) The utilization of tilting-filter photometry in airglow and auroral research. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Erapu, Laban Omella (1992) A study of Ngugi wa Thiong'o's later novels to assess his adaptation of dramatic techniques and Gikuyu oral traditions to the requirements of fiction. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Ferreira, Ignatius Leopold (1992) Training in note making : the effects of a training scheme on first year teacher-training students. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fowler, William Mackenzie (1992) Interaction of selected fungicides with insoluble bovine skin collagen in the presence of the non ionic surfactant Triton X-100. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Funnell, Lynette (1992) A classroom-based investigation into the potential of the computer spreadsheet as a learning tool within the secondary school mathematics curriculum. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Germiquet, Edouard Ariste (1992) Paul and Barnabus in Lystra (Acts 14:8-20): the contextualization of the gospel in a Graeco-Roman city. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gess, Sarah Kathleen (1992) Ecology and natural history of the Masarid wasps of the world with an assessment of their role as pollinators in southern Africa (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea : Masaridae). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Grue, Margaret Ruth (1992) A study of the alkaloid content of the Senecio speciosus/Macrocephalus complex. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hackland, Peter Linton (1992) Structural analysis of some Escherichia coli capsular antigens. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Harnett, Claire F. (1992) The role of the industrial social worker in corporate community relations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Harnett, Rait Sicklen (1992) Complete regularity and related concepts in L-uniform spaces. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hartman, Lorraine Mary (1992) The evaluation of an individualised language programme in two multicultural Standard 9 classes : a pilot study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Henderson, Thelma Muriel (1992) Social development : theory, practice and evaluation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hoyle, Gisela Beate (1992) Pushing out towards the limits, and finding the centre: the mystical vision in the work of Ursula K. Le Guin. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jackson, Christopher (1992) A microstructural kinematic study of selected shear zones in the Hartbees River Thrust Belt, northeastern Namaqua Tectonic Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Joubert, Barend Daniel (1992) Small-scale gold mining in southern Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Keep, Joan Dianne (1992) A strategy for promoting computer literacy in staff and students of a teacher training institution : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kooverjee, Ishwar (1992) An exploratory field study into schoolgirl pregnancies, with emphasis on the role the school can play in their prevention. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kotzé, Clifford Jennings (1992) The development and evaluation of an andragogic training programme for Ciskeian retailers. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Kruger, Jacqueline (1992) The influence of children on decision-makers in their homes : a case study in environmental education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

La Cock, Graeme Dennis (1992) The conservation status of subtropical transitional thicket, and regeneration through seeding of shrubs in the Xeric succulent thicket of the Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lane, Monica Leonie (1992) Nickel sulphide mineralization associated with Archean komatiites. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lang, Judy Brenda (1992) The growth characteristics of sparid otoliths. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Latorre, J.J. (1992) Exploration for stratabound copper, lead and zinc deposits in the Damara-Katanga orogen, central-southern Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Laubscher, Richard Keith (1992) The culture of Dunaliella salina and the production of [beta]-carotene in tannery effluents. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Linklater, Michael Anthony Leonard Flanders (1992) The exploration for, and possible genesis of, some Archaean granite/gneiss-hosted gold deposits in the Pietersburg granite-greenstone terrane. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Logie, Malcolm Ronald Ruxton (1992) Photosynthetic gas exchange responses to light, temperature, carbon dioxide and water stress, and changes in photosynthetic pigments to light and water stress in two cultivars of Hordeum vulgare L. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Losseau-Hoebeke, Michéle (1992) The biology of four haplochromine species of Lake Kivu (Zaire) with evolutionary implications. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lubczonok, Pawel (1992) Aspects of fuzzy spaces with special reference to cardinality, dimension, and order-homomorphisms. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Lynn, Michael David (1992) The development and distribution of heavy mineral concentrations in alluvial systems. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Léger, Paul (1992) An assessment of a new personality measure of authoritarianism in the South African context. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Maier, Wolfgang Derek (1992) Geochemical and petrological trends in the UG2-Merensky unit interval of the upper critical zone in the Western Bushveld Complex. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Mammen, Kuttickattu John (1992) Opaqueness to the light of understanding : an investigation into some of the difficulties experienced by a sample of Transkeian matriculants with the components of the concept of chemical equilibrium. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mann, Bruce Quintin (1992) Aspects of the biology of two inshore sparid fishes (Diplodus sargus capensis and Diplodus cervinus hottentotus) off the south-east coast of South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Masters, Kenneth Andrew (1992) Observing and describing textual "reality" : a critique of the claims to objective reality and authentication in new critical and structuralist literary theory, seen against a background of Feyerabend's ideas concerning paradigms, dominance and ideology. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mather, Mary Lynn (1992) Sylvia Plath : images of life in a poet of death. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Matutu, Phethiwe P. (1992) (L,M)-fuzzy topological spaces. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

McKellar, David William (1992) The FITE for reading teaching : an examination of the initial training of senior primary teachers at a sample of institutions in England and South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Mjwara, Jabulani Michael (1992) The interactive effects of light, temperature and CO₂/O₂ ratios in photosynthesis of Coix lachryma-jobi L. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mostert, Marthinus Petrus (1992) 'n Ondersoek na die aanwending van 'n enkele mikrorekenaar in die klaskamer as hulpmiddel vir die onderrig van wiskunde in die sekondere skool. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mostert, Orla (1992) An evaluation of the use of computers in a South African primary school. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Murray, John Charles (1992) The in-service development of primary school teachers in the use of computers in education with special reference to computer assisted learning : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Naidoo, Anandhavelli (1992) Developing a problem solving approach to primary mathematics teaching : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ndlwana, Monica (1992) A critical analysis of problems encountered by senior secondary school pupils in the reading and interpretation of 1:50,000 topographical maps and aerial photographs with special reference to black pupils in Transkei. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ngquba, Tokozile (1992) Transkei College of Education students' perceptions of fieldwork in geographical education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Noppé, Mark Adrian (1992) Geological controls for coal exploration and mining. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Norman, Maxie (1992) Making pupils think : the development of a microcomputer-inspired adaptation of the Standard 7 mathematics curriculum. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

O'Donovan, A.G. (1992) Facies mapping of the Vaal Reef placer as an aid to remnant pillar extraction and stope width optimisation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Oltmann, Carmen (1992) The effects of a 160 km run on selected anthropometric, physiological and psychological parameters. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Palmer, Carolyn Gay (1992) Benthic assemblage structure, and the feeding biology of sixteen macroinvertebrate taxa from the Buffalo River, Eastern Cape, South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Palmer, Robert William (1992) Ecological effects of impoundments in the Buffalo River, Eastern Cape, with particular reference to the distribution of blackflies (Diptera : simuliidae). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Pelly, Frederick Douglas Peter (1992) Guidelines to the evaluation of selectively mined, open pit gold deposits during the exploration stage of mine creation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Pitfield, Doreen Jennie (1992) Illness as intersubjectivity : a sociological perspective. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Poona, Sobhna Keshavelal (1992) Dance and sexual politics : some implications of the status of women in selected dance forms. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rankin, Pedro (1992) Industrial social work: an exploration and an assessment of the practice of social work in industry in South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Ravelingien, Jo (1992) A study of the effect of progesterone on the body weight regulation in intact female rats. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Riganti, Angela (1992) The geology and geochemistry of the north-western portion of the Usushwana Complex, south-eastern Transvaal. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Roets, Rina Annette (1992) A critical analysis of school computer studies syllabuses in South Africa with reference to university computer science curricula. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rossouw, Anthonie Michael Müller (1992) Die sosio-ekonomiese opname as instrument vir die inisiëring van 'n ontwikkelingsproses in 'n landelike gemeenskap met spesifieke verwysing na Wartburg. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sarpong, Emmanuel (1992) The attitudes and perceptions of secondary school pupils in Transkei towards geography. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schürmann, Leon (1992) An investigation into the use of weather type models in the teaching of South African climatology at senior secondary school level. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Shongwe, Doctor Petrus (1992) Environmental education in primary schools in Bophuthatswana : a case study in curriculum implementation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Siswana, M. (1992) Phase equilibria in three component systems : alcohol-hydrocarbon-water. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Skinner, M.F. (1992) Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics of the macrolide antibiotic Josamycin. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Slade, Wilfred John (1992) Environmentalism and its implications for education : a study of private schools in the Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Smithies, Robert Hugh (1992) The geochemical evolution of three alkaline complexes in the Kuboos-Bremen igneous province, southern Namibia. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Sonnenberg, Bernd Jürgen (1992) The anatomy and ecophysiology of Mariscus congestus from three different habitats in the Albany and Bathurst districts of the Eastern Cape, investigated under field and laboratory conditions. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Spingies, Conrad (1992) The "Big E" : the English (first language) endorsement on the teacher's bilingualism certificate : an investigation into the background to and origin of this requirement, an evaluation of past and current examining practices and standards and criteria, a needs assessment, and suggestions and recommendations for sound practice. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Stobart, Michael David (1992) The chemistry of a new water-recirculation aquaculture system with emphasis on the influence of ozone on water quality. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tandt, Ludo Alfons Germaan Luc (1992) The evaluation of indomethacin and theophylline oral controlled/modified-release dosage forms : in vitro-in vivo correlations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Taylor, Steven John (1992) Exploratory studies of novel ligand systems. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Terespolsky, Susan Ann (1992) A study of the biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics of the macrolide antibiotic, erythromycin. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Thompson, Christine Audra (1992) "Constructive critic" or "donor agency" : does the World Bank have a role to play in sub-Saharan Africa's development beyond that of providing economic aid? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tribe, Geoffrey Darryl (1992) Phenology of the important coleopterous pests of pine forests in the Western Cape, South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Van Harmelen, U. (1992) The administration and organisation of independent study topics with special reference to secondary school geography. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Vass, Vasili Arthur (1992) Standardization of Raven's standard progressive matrices for secondary school African pupils in the Grahamstown region. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Veselinović, Milica (1992) Genetic models for epithermal gold deposits and applications to exploration. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Vincent, Stephanie Louise (1992) Polymorphism and fighting in male fig wasps. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Von Maltitz, Emil Friedrich (1992) The status of the American bollworm, Heliothis armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae), on sunflower in the central Transvaal. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wagenaar, Peter Simon (1992) The shadowed corners of sunlit ruins : Gothic elements in twentieth century children's adventure fiction. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Watson, Kelvin Innes (1992) Managing historical primary and secondary sources : a study of the efficacy of a teaching handbook prepared for first-year Vista University students. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Watson, Peter James (1992) The relationship of general retention ability to new South African group test non-verbal/verbal IQ discrepancies and their academic correlates. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Whiffler, Lynne Anne (1992) The role of the queen in wax secretion and comb building in the Cape honeybee, Aps mellifera capensis (Escholtz). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Williams, Allan Alexander (1992) A rhetorical analysis of 1 Timothy 2:9-15 with a special focus on the role of women in the church. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wright, Alan (1992) The artificial recharge of urban stormwater runoff in the Atlantis coastal aquifer. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Ilic, David and Miller, Hazel (1992) Concert to launch 1992 in dedication to Johnny Dyani, Mongezi Feza, Chris McGregor, Harry Miller and Dudu Pukwana. [Performance]

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