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Beckett, R.P. and Drennan, P.M. and Botha, C.E.J. (1995) The effect of fluctuating substrate salinity on the yield and flag leaf photosynthesis of wheat. South African Journal of Botany, 61 (1). pp. 35-38. ISSN 0254-6299

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Smith, T.J. and Petty, G. and Villet, M.H. (1995) Description and identification of white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) attacking pineapple crops in South Africa. African Entomology, 3 . pp. 153-166. ISSN 1021-3589

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Taylor, Laurie (1995) Diary. New Statesman and Society .

Book Section

Smith, E.W. and Haigh, J.M. (1995) In vivo/in vitro assessments of topical hydrocortisone availability: correlation between blanching assay and laboratory cell experiments. In: Dermatologic Research Techniques. C.R.C. Press, Boca Raton, U.S.A., pp. 113-121. ISBN 0-8493-8373-0

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Lewis, C.A. (1995) The geomorphological evolution of the area between Grahamstown and the Indian Ocean. Dept. of Geography, Rhodes University, in association with the Albany Museum, Grahamstown, South Africa. ISBN 0868102776


Anderson, Larna (1995) Art marketing and management. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bell, David Ian (1995) An investigation into the influence of an inset programme on teacher cognitions. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Boelema, Robert (1995) The metallogeny of the Upington and Kenhardt area, northern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Botha, André Pedro. (1995) The external dimension in the transformation of Afrikaner Nationalism. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Carim, Xavier (1995) Formulating the African National Congress' foreign investment policy in the transition to a post-apartheid South Africa : problems, pressures and constraints. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Carstens, Karin (1995) Determination of distinctness among citrus cultivars using biochemical and molecular markers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Chinsamy, Dhanasagren (1995) An investigation of the potential role of students in decision making in the management and administration of secondary schools : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cholerton, Stephen M. (1995) Prosocial behaviour in South African students : a qualitative enquiry. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Collins, Anthony (1995) Disturbing the neighbours : an investigation into the relationship between psychopathology and social formations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cox, Dermot (1995) Characterisation of the genome of Nudaurelia Omega Virus. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cumes, Heide Ulrike (1995) Coping in two cultures: an ecological study of mentally ill people and their families in rural South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Diderick, Justin (1995) Re-thinking the Great Trek : a study of the nature and development of the Boer community in the Ohrigstad/Lydenburg area, 1845-1877. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Donkin, Deborah Jean (1995) The vocal works of Olivier Messiaen. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Du Pré, Roy Howard (1995) Confrontation, cooptation and collaboration : the response and reaction of the Labour Party of South Africa to government policy, 1965-1984. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Dullabh, Neela (1995) An examination of the factors influencing the spatial distribution of the Indian communities in Grahamstown, King William's town, Queenstown and Uitenhage from 1880 to 1991. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Duncan, Kenneth Foster (1995) A comparative study of L1 and EFL reading abilities amongst junior primary students using different reading schemes in black schools. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Finestone, Juanita (1995) The politics and poetics of choreography : the dancing body in South African dance. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Flanagan, Claire Susan (1995) Observations of glitches in PSR 0833-45 and 1641-45. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Gardner, Corinna (1995) The just figure : shape, harmony and proportion in a selection of Andrew Marvell's lyrics. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gelebe, Aifheli Carlson (1995) Synthetic and spectrometric studies of benzodioxepinone derivatives. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Giantsos, John (1995) The effects of trade policy on the development of the South African petrochemical industry. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gobregts, Engela (1995) The recycling of domestic waste in the Cape Peninsula : implications for environmental education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Griffiths, Marc Hastings (1995) The taxonomy and life-history of Argyrosomus japonicus and A. inodorus, two important sciaenids off the South African coast. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Hellstrom, Gavin B. (1995) An integrated approach to aspects of coastal dune planning and management along a portion of the Eastern Cape coastal zone. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Heyns, Gerhardus Johannes (1995) Influence of macro- versus microcooling on the physiological and psychological performance of the human operator. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Hill, Martin Patrick (1995) Evaluation of Gratiana spadicea (Klug, 1829) and Metriona elatior (Klug, 1829) (Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae) for the biological control of sticky nightshade Solanum sisymbriifolium Lamarck (Solanaceae) in South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Illgner, P.M. (1995) The morphology and sedimentology of two unconsolidated quaternary debris slope deposits in the Alexandria district, Cape Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jackson, Carey-Anne (1995) An anti-racist feminist analysis of power: a case study of a group of African women in an Eastern Cape township. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jones, Caroline Elizabeth (1995) Art and investment: a study on how investment in art affects the contemporary artist in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Landsberg, Christopher (1995) The foreign policy orientation and national role conceptions of a post-apartheid South Africa : options and scenarios. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lenahan, Patrick (1995) Interacting with Shakespeare's figurative language : a project in materials development for the L2 classroom. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Leslie, Margaret Ruth (1995) Structural studies on the capsular antigens of some Escherichia coli serotypes. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Levy, Anita Rochelle (1995) Progestin receptor heterogeneity in a breast cancer cell line. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lewis, Gillian Elizabeth (1995) A taxonomic study of Senecio speciosus, Senecio macrocephalus and possible hybrid populations using morphological data, toxicty tests and chromatography. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lloyd, Penn (1995) A study of the Pycnonotus bulbul species complex in Southern Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Logie, Catherine Gwynedd (1995) The pyrrolizidine alkaloids of Senecio chrysocoma and Senecio paniculatus. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Logie, Malcolme Ronald Ruxton (1995) Physiological signal transduction from the photosynthetic apparatus in the green alga Dunaliella salina. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Malherbe, Neil (1995) A critical analysis of the importance of oracy in the classroom, with particular reference to secondary schools in the Cape Education Department. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Malinga, Sandile Bethuel (1995) A study of atmospheric oscillations in the meteor region above Grahamstown. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mather, Diarmid John (1995) An approach to analyzing gold supply from the South African gold mines. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mhlanga , Samkelisiwe Isabel (1995) Parental preferences regarding medium of instruction in primary schools in the Nongoma district of Kwazulu-Natal. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mntambo, Nomawabo (1995) A case study of oral linguistic error-treatment in second language classrooms where English is the medium of instruction. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mosala, Thabo Jerry (1995) Routing MIDI messages in a shared music studio environment. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mostert, Petronella Louisa (1995) Determining the relationship between the body image of adolescent girls and their academic achievement, social involvement and sport participation : a pilot study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Msomi, Dumile Dennis (1995) The pre-service preparation of secondary school mathematics teachers : a case study of curriculum effectiveness. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mtshali, Cynthia Sibongiseni (1995) An investigation of environmental knowledge among two rural black communities in Natal. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Murphy, Alexandra Christina (1995) An exploration into the photo-transformation of the human form, through a research of its contemporary influential imagery and diversity within our culture. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Muwanga-Zake, Johnnie Wycliffe Frank (1995) Insect herbivores associated with Senecio pterophorus and Senecio inaequidens at Butterworth, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Myataza, Lutando Samuel (1995) Foreign labour migration to South Africa after apartheid : continuity or change? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Naidoo, Michael Joseph (1995) Function of a cloned polyphenolase in organic synthesis. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nduna, Joyce Nothemba (1995) Using the topic "Water management in Umtata" to promote the use of an environmental approach in the teaching of geography. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ogu, Memoye Abijah (1995) William Plomer's and Sol Plaatje's South Africa : art as vision and reality. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Phillips, Lesley Gail (1995) Constituent processes contributing to stress induced β-carotene accumulation in Dunaliella salina. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Phillips, Tracey Elizabeth (1995) Dispersal, settlement and recruitment : their influence on the population dynamics of intertidal mussels. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Rehmet, Geoffrey Michael (1995) Remora : implementing adaptive parallelism on a heterogeneous cluster of networked workstations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Robinson, Rosanna Lesley (1995) The dynamics of space use in some Lake Malawi fishes. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Rulashe, Turbner Mnyamezeli (1995) An analysis of the suitability of prescribed geography textbooks for Ciskei pupils in standard 6. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Saradananda, Swami (1995) The human soul (jivatma) and its ultimate goal (moksa) in the context of Taittiriya Upanisad (3.10.5) : a study in an aspect of Hindu eschatology. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sekaran, Rajakrishnar (1995) Fuzzy ideals in commutative rings. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sipambo, Sindiswa (1995) The impact of the mentally retarded child on the family living in the rural areas of the Transkei. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Stephens, Brent William (1995) An exploratory survey of the needs and adjustment to retirement of persons residing in Port Alfred. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Stiles, Kathy Greaves (1995) Inhibitors to change : a case study of teacher change in a rural African context. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Street, David Michael (1995) The small business entrepreneur :|ba psychological profile. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Swart, Kamilla (1995) Physiological, perceptual and performance responses to competitive stress in individual and team sports among youth sport participants. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Taylor, Simon Michael (1995) A case for geography in South African senior primary schools : an analysis and evaluation of current geographical thinking and practice. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Thompson, Gillian Ann (1995) Bacterial interaction in hide biodeterioration with special reference to selected Clostridium species. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Todd, Colleen Barbara (1995) A comparison of the reproductive strategies of key species of a prograding dune system in the Mlalazi Nature Reserve, Natal. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tribelhorn, Michael John (1995) Reactions of iron- and zinc-fuelled pyrotechnic systems. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Tsikos, Harilaos (1995) The mineralogy and geochemistry of the Voëlwater banded iron-formation, Northern Cape Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van Zyl, Lesbury (1995) Alternative dispute resolution in the best interests of the child. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Waite, Michele Jeannette (1995) Intercultural communication on a passenger aircraft flight deck : a qualitative study set in the context of South African corporate affirmative action policy. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Walker, R.B. (1995) HPLC analysis and pharmacokinetics of cyclizine. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Wassermann, Johannes Michiel (1995) Secondary school geography teachers' perceptions of the role of environmental education in geography with particular reference to Natal Education Department teachers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Whittaker, Ruth Eleanor (1995) An investigation of reactions directed towards the synthesis of 2-methyl-2-(methylthio)propanal oxime. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wilks, Antony John (1995) The analysis of a computer music network and the implementation of essential subsystems. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Williams, Craig Milton (1995) Petrogenesis of the New Amalfi sheet : a highly differentiated Karoo intrusion. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wood, Geoffrey Thomas (1995) Comprehending strike action : the South African experience c.1950-1990 and the theoretical implications thereof. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Young, Cheryl Ann (1995) A study of the personal literature written in the Eastern Cape in the nineteenth century. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Zachariades, Costas (1995) Complex interactions involving the Cape fig, Ficus sur Forsskal, and its associated insects. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

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