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Toomey, David Colbert (1999) South African small business growth through interfirm linkages. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Jonas, Justin Leonard (1999) The 2326 MHz radio continuum emission of the Milky Way. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Grimett, Leticia Anthea (1999) Protectionism and compliance with the GATT article XXIV in selected regional trade arrangements. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Southgate, Garrick Steven (1999) An investigation into the neuroprotective properties of melatonin. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Rowntree, Kate and Dollar, Evan Stephen John (1999) Vegetation controls on channel stability in the Bell River, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 24 (2). pp. 127-134. ISSN 0197-9337

Rosen, D.Z. and Lewis, C.A. and Illgner, P.M. (1999) Palaeoclimatic and archaeological implications of organic- rich sediments at Tiffindell Ski Resort, near Rhodes, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 54 (2). pp. 311-321. ISSN 0035-919X

Kaehler, S. and Froneman, P.W. (1999) Temporal variability in the effects of grazing by the territorial limpet Patella longicosta on the productivity of the crustose alga Ralfsia verrucosa. South African Journal of Science, 95 (3). pp. 121-122. ISSN 0038-2353

Steele, G.R. and Whittington-Jones, C.A. and Craig, A.J.F.K. (1999) Testing chemical markers on granivorous birds. South African Journal of Science, 95 (2). pp. 79-80. ISSN 0038-2353

Vice, S.W. (1999) Personal autonomy : philosophy and literature. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schäfer, L.I. (1999) The legal position of unmarried fathers in the adoption process after Fraser v Children's Court, Pretoria North, and others 1997 (2) SA 261 (CC) : towards a constitutionally-sound adoption statute. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rae, A.L. (1999) The haunted bedroom : female sexual identity in Gothic literature, 1790-1820. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wright, L.S. (1999) Guy Butler (obituary). Shakespeare in Southern Africa, 12 . pp. vi-ix. ISSN 1011-582X

Edwards, R.S. (1999) Glimpsing the balance between earth and sky: a meeting ground for postmodernism and Christianity in four selected novels by Jeanette Winterson and John Irving. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Villet, M.H. (1999) On two species of Paectira Karsch (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) from Kenya. African Entomology, 7 . pp. 151-153. ISSN 1021-3589

Boshoff, G.A. (1999) Development of integrated biological processing for the biodesalination of sulphate- and metal-rich wastewaters. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Cardo, Julia Claire (1999) HIV and metaphor : an imaginative response to illness. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ngcoza , Kenneth Mlungisi. (1999) Promoting learning in science : a case study of the appropriateness and implications of group work ; What are museums for? : a case study on the benefits of using the museum's science programmes ; Why can't we go to the museum? : study of the Albany Museum as a resource centre : stimulants and inhibitors ; Literature review : is social constructivism and museum education a marriage of convenience or a marriage made in heaven? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Toit, Derick du (1999) Through our eyes : teachers using cameras to engage in environmental education curriculum development processes. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dentlinger, Lindsay (1999) The representation of "South Africanness" in the locally produced television production, Generations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fair , David Alan (1999) An investigation into cultural differences in the conceptualization of and attributions about cognitive decline in the elderly. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Davidow, Audrey Beth (1999) "Making the News" : a case study of East Cape News (ECN). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Euvrard, Gwenda Joan (1999) Dreamwork and imaginal healing : the incorporation of artwork in a systematized method of group dreamwork. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Heaton, Pamela Jane (1999) A narrative study of teachers' life stories and their work identity. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Khoza, Francisco Jabulani (1999) An examination of employee participation as provided for in the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kristensen, Jesper Olsson (1999) An evaluation of the life science curriculum in Namibia and its development through stakeholders' perceptions of "learner centred education". Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Laubscher, Robert Alan (1999) An investigation into the use of IEEE 1394 for audio and control data distribution in music studio environments. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Law-Jackson, Danielle (1999) An examination of the facilitatory role for environmental education of conservancies. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Làzaro, Angelique Maria (1999) An informed community's perception of the impact of digital technology on the credibility of news photography. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lesch , Anthea M (1999) The experience of multi-cultural communication within a South African organization. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Quinn, Lynn (1999) An examination of the drafting-responding process used to develop students' writing in and English Language for Academic Purposes Course. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Naidoo, Kameshnee. (1999) Exploring new terrain--tackling a tri-media approach to the 1999 election : an analysis of online coverage of elections by media organisations in their respective countries and recommendations for multi-platform publishing within the South African Broadcasting Corporation to cover the national election. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Masuku , Lynette Sibongile (1999) The role of indigenous knowledge in/for environmental education : the case of a Nguni story in the Schools Water Action Project. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mtuze, P.T. (1999) Hidden presences in the spirituality of the amaXhosa of the Eastern Cape and the impact of Christianity on them. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schwarb, F.P. and Smith, E.W. and Haigh, J.M. and Surber, C. (1999) Analysis of chromameter results obtained from corticosteroid-induced skin blanching assay: comparison of visual and chromameter data. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 47 (3). pp. 261-267. ISSN 0939-6411

Schwarb, F.P. and Imanidis, G. and Smith, E.W. and Haigh, J.M. and Surber, C. (1999) Effect of concentration and degree of saturation of topical fluocinonide formulations on in vitro membrane transport and in vivo availability on human skin. Pharmaceutical Research, 16 (6). pp. 909-915. ISSN 0724-8741 (Print) 1573-904X (Online)

Wilmot, Pamela Dianne (1999) Graphicacy as a form of communication. South African Geographical Journal, 81 (2). pp. 91-95. ISSN 0373-6245

Van Harmelen, U. (1999) Where has all the Geography gone? : a social constructivist perspective of Curriculum 2005. South African Geographical Journal, 81 (2). pp. 80-85. ISSN 0373-6245

Lewis, C.A. (1999) New bells, new founder. Hillandale, South Africa. The Ringing World (No. 4600, 25th June). pp. 598-599.

Nel, E.L. and Davies, J. (1999) Farming against the odds : an examination of the challenges facing farming and rural development in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Applied Geography, 19 (3). pp. 253-274. ISSN 0143-6228

Van Hille, R. P. (Robert Paul) and Boshoff, G.A. and Rose, P.D. and Duncan, J.R. (1999) A continuous process for the biological treatment of heavy metal contaminated acid mine water. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 27 (1&2). pp. 157-167. ISSN 0921-3449

Møller, V. and Dickow, H. and Harris, M. (1999) South Africa's ''Rainbow People'', national pride and happiness. Social Indicators Research, 47 (3). pp. 245-280. ISSN 0303-8300

Binns, T. and Nel, E.L. (1999) Beyond the development impasse: the role of local economic development and community self-reliance in rural South Africa. Journal of Modern African Studies, 37 (3). pp. 389-408. ISSN 0022-278X

Villet, M.H. (1999) Reproductive behaviour of Plectroctena mandibularis F. Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), a ponerine ant with ergatoid queens. African Entomology, 7 (2). pp. 289-291. ISSN 1021-3589

Villet, M.H. and McKitterick, L. and Robertson, H.G. (1999) Systematic status of Plectroctena mandibularis Smith and P. conjugata Santschi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerini). African Entomology, 7 (2). pp. 277-284. ISSN 1021-3589

De Klerk, V.A. (1999) Black South African English: where to from here? World Englishes, 18 (3). pp. 311-324. ISSN 0883-2919

Southall, R. and Fox, R.C. (1999) Lesotho's general election of 1998: rigged or de rigeur? Journal of Modern African Studies, 37 (4). pp. 669-696. ISSN 0022-278X

Adonis, Cyril Kenneth (1999) An investigation into the structure and process of forgiveness following gross human rights violations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Baillie, Giselle Katherine (1999) Printmaking at the Dakawa Art and Craft Project : the impact of ANC cultural policy and Swedish practical implementation on two printmakers trained during South Africa's transformation years. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Balarin, Marianne G (1999) Size-fractionated phytoplankton biomass and primary production in the Southern Ocean. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Besseling, Elizabeth Anne (1999) The importance of personal and collective resources in coping with stressors related to industrial action at the coldstream sawmill. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Beukes, Denzil Ronwynne (1999) Structural and synthetic investigations of South African marine natural products. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Beyers, Gregory John (1999) An experimental study of the effect of Acacia mearnsii (black wattle trees) on streamflow in the Sand River, Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Botha, André Erasmus (1999) Towards modelling the formation of ore bodies:initial results dealing with the fluid mechanical aspects of magma chamber convection. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Buchanan, K. (Kirsten) (1999) Evaluation of a 'defouling on demand' strategy for the ultrafiltration of brown water using activatable enzymes. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Burt, Jane C. (1999) Dramatic learning:a case study of theatre for development and environmental education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Carpenter, Robert Charles (1999) An economic analysis of eradicating alien vegetation as an alternative to conventional water supply schemes:a case study of the Krom and Kouga. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Chadd, Kevin Mark (1999) Insubordination in the workplace. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Eager, Ryan (1999) The social construction of 'capacity building': a grounded theory study of organisation development consultants' accounts. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Everton, Wilma (1999) SAPS members' experience of diversity and diversity training within the SAPS. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ginslov, Jeannette (1999) The Dance Factory, Newtown, Johannesburg :|ba site of resistance. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gordon, A.K. (1999) The effect of diet and age-at-weaning on growth and survival of clownfish Amphiprion percula (Pisces : Pomacentridae). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hayes, Kalmia Joy (1999) Thematic integrity in filmic versions of E.M. Forster's novels. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hepburn, Mary Patricia (1999) An exploration of environmental understanding among primary health care providers in an Eastern Cape community. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Horwitz, Ula Nadine (1999) Burned, banished or burnished : a pilot study of a school reintegration programme. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jamieson, Sally-Anne. (1999) Women's understandings and experiences of empowerment in an organisation : a qualitative feminist approach. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Judd, Rachel Anne (1999) The coastal grasslands of the Eastern Cape west of the Kei River. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Kadyakapita, Mozecie Spector John. (1999) An investigation of the work-related values of educational managers of private church secondary schools in Malawi, and the implications of the values for OD interventions : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kaniaru, Wanjiku Wacieni (1999) impact of water as a security issue on the Middle East peace process : 1991-1996. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kenyon, Jennifer Berry (1999) A case study of feedback strategies in The Open Learning Systems Trust (OLSET) Radio Learning Programmes. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Khubana, Christopher Shonisani (1999) A case study analysis of the role of resources in the teaching and learning of senior primary geography in the Northern Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kibanja, Grace Milly (1999) The relative influence of value priorities, ethnicity and ẁorries' in the determination of political party affiliation amongst Ugandan university students. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kwayisi, Frederick Ntow (1999) A pilot study of the use of groupwork in biology education at the Griffiths Mxenge College of Education : a research project ; Towards an effective implementation of assessment of biology practical work under "curriculum 2005". Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

L'Ange, Iain Norman (1999) T̀o be God with God' : towards a new understanding of autotheistic experience. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Lack, Barbara Anne (1999) Electrochemical studies of gold bioaccumulation by yeast cell wall components. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Le Roux, Kim (1999) Research portfolio : environmental education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Leukes, W. (1999) Development and characterisation of a membrane gradostat bioreactor for the bioremediation of aromatic pollutants using white rot fungi. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Marriott, Michael Stephen (1999) Conservation biology and management of the Twee River redfin, Barbus erubescens (Pisces :|bCyprinide). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

McCallaghan, Johannes Jacobus (1999) An investigation into the anxiolytic properties of melatonin in humans. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mesatywa, Nontando Jennifer (1999) A qualitative exploration of the experience of Black women in violent relationships. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Molipane, Ntaoleng Patricia. (1999) Sulphate reduction utilizing hydrolysis of complex carbon sources. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mtongana, Lindile (1999) Contents : 3 projects. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ngaso, Khayalethu Edward (1999) An investigation of students' role within the governing structures of educational institutions. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ning, Cui (1999) Forms and techniques of modern painting. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ntete, Susan (1999) Case studies of second language learners who excel at writing in English. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Routledge, Michael Henry Collis (1999) Organisation development : a formative evaluation of an OD intervention. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sanyahumbi, Douglas (1999) Removal of lead from solution by the non-viable biomass of the water fern Azolla filiculoides. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schonken, Nico (1999) Buffering strategies and bandwidth renegotiation for MPEG video streams. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Smart, Michael Charles (1999) Hydrogeology of the Queenstown 1:500 000 map region (Sheet 3126). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Surtees, Grant Bradley (1999) The evolution of the Brosterlea Volcanic Complex, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Swanepoel, Judith Magrietha (1999) Experiences of kinship foster parents. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van Rooyen, Megan Lynne (1999) The effect of combined vitamin E succinate and ascorbic acid supplementation on growth and cyclooxygenase expression in murine melanoma (BL6) cells. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van Zyl, Claudette (1999) An exploration of the factors which promote and impede correctional supervision effectiveness with regard to the juvenile or youth offenders. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van der Merwe, Adele Shanette (1999) The role of vitamin E succinate in regulation of growth and cyclooxygenase expression in B16 murine melanoma cells. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wood, Catherine Jane (1999) A profile of young sex offenders in South Africa : a pilot study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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