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Ancer, Ruth Lauren (2000) Cumulative mild head injury in rugby : cognitive test profiles of professional rugby and cricket players. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Anoopkumar-Dukie, Shailendra (2000) Serotonin-melatonin interactions in acetaminophen and N,N-dimethylformamide toxicity. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ackermann, Tessa Ruth (2000) Minor "dings" - major effects? : a study into the cognitive effects of mild head injuries in high school rugby. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Antunes, Edith Martins (2000) Stability of prochlorperazine in solution and in the solid-state. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Botha, C.E.J. and Cross, R.H.M. (2000) Towards reconciliation of structure with function in plasmodesmata—who is the gatekeeper? Micron, 31 (6). pp. 713-721. ISSN 0968-4328

Botha, C.E.J. and Cross, R.H.M. and van Bel, A.J.E. and Peter, C.I. (2000) Phloem loading in the sucrose-export-defective (SXD-1) mutant maize is limited by callose deposition at plasmodesmata in bundle sheath-vascular parenchyma interface. Protoplasma, 214 . pp. 65-72. ISSN 0033-183X

Blaauw, L.E. (2000) Principals' perceptions of the management of staff appraisal in schools. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Booi, K. (2000) The implications of the introduction of outcomes based education in the natural sciences curriculum at Cape College of Education ; The assessment of perceptions of squatter camp teachers in Khayelitsha towards the outcomes based education. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Boughey, C. (2000) Multiple metaphors in an understanding of academic literacy. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 6 (3). pp. 279-290. ISSN 1470-1278

Beauvais, E.A.M. (2000) An investigation of a framework to evaluate computer supported collaborative work. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bass, N.T. (2000) The Raven’s Coloured Progressive Matrices Test: a pilot study for the establishment of normative data for Xhosa-speaking Primary School pupils in the Grahamstown region. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Berolsky, Nuno Goncalo (2000) An evaluation of IMF structural adjustment programmes : lessons for South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Blunt, Sandra Viki (2000) The interpretation of ABET placement tests in the recognition of prior learning. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Burdis, Keith Robert (2000) Distributed authentication for resource control. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bezuidenhout, Cornelius Carlos (2000) Studies of the population structure and generic diversity of domesticated and "wild" ostriches (Struthio camelus). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Binder, Markus (2000) An evaluation of recirculating artificial stream designs for acute toxicity testing using two South African Ephemeroptera species exposed to sodium sulphate. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bold, Lisa Clare (2000) Cumulative mild head injury in contact sport : a comparison of the cognitive profiles of rugby players and non-contact sport controls with normative data. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Boois, Ulrich (2000) Key decision-makers' perceptions of sustainable sea fisheries in Namibia and the implications for environmental education programmes. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Botma, Connie (2000) Environmental youth clubs in Namibia : what role do, could or should they play in environmental education? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bouwer, Anne Margaret (2000) Visual literacy in adult basic education : a study of ABET learners' visual perception with regard to their general level of English second language learning. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Boyd, Clinton Shane (2000) An investigation into dopamine-melatonin interactions in the rat Corpus striatum and pineal gland : a possible pineal-striatal axis. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Brown, Susan Ann (2000) Genetic variation within and between some rare and common taxa of Cape Proteaceae and the implications for their conservation. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Carrion, J.S. and Brink, J.S. and Scott, L. and Binneman, J.N.F. (2000) Palynology and palaeo-environment of Pleistocene hyaena coprolites from an open-air site at Oyster Bay, Eastern Cape coast, South Africa. South African Journal of Science, 96 (8). pp. 449-453. ISSN 0038-2353

Charteris, J. and James, J.P. (2000) Replication of maximal work output levels in able-bodied workers and candidates for disability assessments: benchmark data and guidelines. Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa, 12 (1). pp. 13-17. ISSN 1010-2728

Charteris, J. (2000) Load stress; carrier strain: implications for military and receational backpacking. Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa, 12 (1). pp. 25-47. ISSN 1010-2728

Czerniewicz, L. and Murray, S.R. and Probyn, M.J. (2000) Learning support materials (LSMs) and Curriculum 2005 (C2005): a research paper on the role of learning support materials in Curriculum 2005. Other. Department of National Education, Pretoria, South Africa.

Chukwuemeka, Gregory Adjuba (2000) Profile of paediatric psychosocial disorders in Frere Hospital and analysis of associated patterns of referrals. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Chen, Yu-Jen (2000) The solubility enhancement and the stability assessment of rifampicin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide in aqueous media. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Chetty, Mahesh (2000) A new role for the non-aligned movement in a post-cold war era. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cocks, M.L. and Dold, A.P. (2000) The role of ‘African Chemists’ in the health care system of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Social Science & Medicine, 51 (10). pp. 1505-1515. ISSN 0277-9536

Craig, A.J.F.K. (2000) Stuffed birds on trees: an historical review of avian systematics in southern Africa. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 54 (1). pp. 157-165. ISSN 0035-919X

Cartwright, Duncan James (2000) Latent murderousness : an exploration of the nature and quality of object relations in rage-type murderers. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Casanueva, Luis (2000) Minimal motion capture with inverse kinematics for articulated human figure animation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Chikunkhuzeni, Francis Chim'ndomo. (2000) Towards an understanding of the role of commercialisation in programming at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation from 1995 to 1998 : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Clark, Brigitte (2000) An analysis of the effects of marriage, divorce and death on the child maintenance obligation in South African law with some comparative perspectives. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Clark, Lisa Anne (2000) Physiological, perceptual and other performance decrements in combat related tasks following prolonged heavy-load marching. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Dold, A.P. and Cocks, M.L. (2000) The medicinal use of some weeds, problem and alien plants in the Grahamstown and Peddie districts of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. South African Journal of Science, 96 (9/10). pp. 467-473. ISSN 0038-2353

Douglas, Blanche Daw (2000) Understanding the image in art therapy : a phenomenological-hermeneutic investigation. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Du Plessis, A. J. E. (2000) The response of the two interrelated river components, geomorphology and riparian vegetation, to interbasin water transfers in the Orange-Fish-Sundays River Interbasin Transfer Scheme. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dampier, Helen (2000) Settler women's experiences of fear, illness and isolation, with particular reference to the Eastern Cape Frontier, 1820-1890. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Duma, Monde Felix (2000) A comparative study of soil degradation between rangelands under communal grazing and controlled grazing in Alice, Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Diers, Belinda Gail (2000) Claywork within the holographic paradigm : a transpersonal perspective on art therapy. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dlamini, Thandeka Lungile (2000) Searching for new relevance in the 1990s : the Organization of African Unity as an instrument of conflict resolution. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Doig, Heather Leslie (2000) Strike comparison of the compositional variations of the lower group and middle group chromitite seams of the critical zone, Western Bushveld complex. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Domson-Lindsay, Albert (2000) Towards a broader application of decision-making paradigms : a case study of the establishment of ECOWAS Cease-fire Monitoring Group (ECOMOG). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dyakala, Tumeka (2000) Social workers perceptions on unionisation and collective bargaining : an exploratory study of the central region of the Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Everitt, Victoria Jane (2000) The use of indigenous macroinvertebrates and Daphnia pulex in acute toxicity testing. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Finkelstein, Melissa (2000) The scrum-down on brain damage effects of cumulative mild head injury in rugby : a comparison of group mean scores between national rugby players and non-contact sport controls. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fraser, Claire Anne (2000) The development of the common fraction concept in grade three learners. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Froneman, Anna Petronella (2000) Criteria social workers employ in making child custody recommendations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Gurney, L.J. (2000) Feeding biology of three euphausiid species in the vicinity of the Prince Edward Archipelago (Southern Ocean). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gilfillan, Joanne (2000) The structure and microbiology of floating sulphide oxidising biofilms. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Guhrs, Tamara (2000) Nyau masquerade performance : shifting the imperial gaze. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Hunt, B.P.V. (2000) Mesozooplankton community structure in the vicinity of the Prince Edward Islands (Southern Ocean) 37°50'E, 46°45'S. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hodgson, A.N. and Allanson, B.R. and Cretchley, R. (2000) An estimation of the standing stock and population structure of Upogebia africana (Crustacea : Thalassinidae) in the Knysna Estuary. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 55 (2). pp. 187-196. ISSN 0035-919X

Hodgson, A.N. and Allanson, B.R. and Cretchley, R. (2000) The exploitation of Upogebia africana (Crustacea: Thalassinidae) for bait in the Knysna Estuary. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 55 (2). pp. 197-204. ISSN 0035-919X

Hertling, U.M. and Lubke, R.A. (2000) Assessing the potential for biological invasion--the case of Ammophila arenaria in South Africa. South African Journal of Science, 96 (9/10). pp. 520-527. ISSN 0038-2353

Hobson, C.B. (2000) Morphological development in the interlanguage of English learners of Xhosa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Harper, Christopher Duncan (2000) "Changing ourselves, changing others" : an analysis of the life stories of participants in a training course for volunteers within a non-governmental organisation in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Heylings, Phillippa Frances (2000) Professional development in environmental education in Zanzibar, Tanzania : distances encountered in a semi-distance learning course. Masters thesis, Rjpdes University.

Harper, Sean Julian (2000) Desert. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Harry, Karuna (2000) The changing knowledge and expectations of public health nurses in a HIV/AIDS training programme for managers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Heasman, Ray Edward (2000) The implementation of a core architecture for geophysical data acquisition. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hennessy, F. and Cheetham, M.E. and Dirr, H.W. and Blatch, G.L. (2000) Analysis of the levels of conservation of the J domain among the various types of DnaJ-like proteins. Cell Stress and Chaperones, 5 (4). pp. 347-358. ISSN 1355-8145

Haller, Anjanette H A (2000) The presence and role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in coastal sand dune systems. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hendricks, Monica (2000) Assessing alternative assessment : students' experiences of the different forms of assessment in a Bachelor of Education course. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Henninger, Tony Osker (2000) Aspects of the ecology and reproductive biology of the limpet, Helcion pruinosus (Gastropoda : prosobranchia). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Holshausen, Nicole (2000) A history of the Good Shepherd School, Huntley Street, Grahamstown. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Irvine, Margaret Hillian (2000) A critical investigation of a planned organisation change : initiative within an educational institution in the Eastern Cape Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Jacobs, Luzuko (2000) The construction of 'farm killings' in the Eastern Province Herald : an ideological analysis of the Herald's farm killings' disclosure, August 1998. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jackson, Claire (2000) Aspects of reproduction in the four-striped field mouse, Rhabdomys pumilio. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

James, Jonathan Peter (2000) Laboratory and occupation-simulating isokinetic and psychophysical responses of military personnel. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jarman, Renette (2000) Exploring the needs and experiences of the social worker as an intermediary. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Johnson, Alexandra Blythe (2000) Social change and shifting paradigms : the choice of healer among black South Africans in psychological counselling. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jenkin, Nicola Pat (2000) Exploring the making of meaning : environmental education and training for industry, business and local government. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Kgope, Barney Stephen (2000) Effects of sustained elevated CO2 concentration and Nitrogen nutrition on wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv Gamtoos). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kiguli, Lillian Nakibuuka (2000) The utilisation of Azolla filiculoides Lam. as a biofertiliser under dryland conditions. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Klein, Rosalyn (2000) Asymmetric [alpha]-alkylation reactions. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Lugo-Ortiz, C.R. and de Moor, F.C. and Barber-James, Helen Margaret (2000) A taxonomic and ecological review of Pseudocloeon glaucum (Agnew)(Ephemeroptera: Baetidae). African Entomology, 8 (2). pp. 281-288. ISSN 1021-3589

Lehloesa, Thembinkosi L (2000) South Africa's growth, employment and redistribution strategy in the context of structural adjustment programmes in the South. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lewis, C.A. and Illgner, P.M. (2000) Evidence of Quaternary glaciation in Southern Africa: moraines on the Bastervoetpad of the eastern cape Drakensberg, South Africa. Quaternary International, 63-64 . pp. 81-82. ISSN 1040-6182

Lewis, C.A. (2000) A Scottish bellfounder (letter). The Ringing World (9th June). p. 582.

Lewis, C.A. (2000) John C. Wilson: a Scottish bellfounder. The Ringing World (4th August). p. 763.

Lebeau, Debie (2000) Seeking health : the hierarchy of resort in utilisation patterns of traditional and western medicine in multi-cultural Katutura, Namibia. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Matsiliza, Babalwa (2000) Observations of selective feeding of the aphid, Sitobion yakini (eastop) on leaf blades of barley (Hordeum vulgare L). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Matthews, Elaine Katherine Simone (2000) Environmental art and its contribution to establishing an awareness of the sacred in nature. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Maree, R.C. and Booth, A and Whitfield, A.K. (2000) Effect of water temperature on the biogeography of South African estuarine fishes associated with the subtropical/warm temperate subtraction zone. South African Journal of Science, 96 (4). pp. 184-188. ISSN 0038-2353

McQuaid, C.D. and Lindsay, Tracy Lynn (2000) Effect of wave exposure on growth and mortality rates of the mussel Perna perna: bottom up regulation of intertidal populations. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 206 . pp. 147-154. ISSN 0171-8630

Mills, E. (2000) Theatre voice as metaphor: the advocacy of a praxis based on the centrality of voice to performance. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mwale, M. (2000) Ammonia removal from water by ion exchange using South African and Zambian zeolite samples. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Maartens, Lima (2000) An assessment of the monkfish resource of Namibia. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Mackenzie, Ian (2000) An investigation into short course accreditation through the South African Qualification Authority. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Maree, R. C. (Ralton Cornell) (2000) Environmental influences on the daytime vertical distribution of Cape hakes and implications for demersal trawl estimates of hake abundance off the west coast of South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mwingi, Mweru P. (2000) Female school principals' perceptions of leadership in a male dominated education environment. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

MacDougall, Lorraine (2000) A qualitative study of intimate femicide : the perpetrator's perspective. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Malila, Brett (2000) Rural underdevelopment in the former Ciskei with specific reference to Glenmore Village. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Masemola, Patricia Mmoniemang. (2000) The nature and control of organic compounds in soda ash evaporate production. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Meistre, Brent Arthur (2000) Road culture :an investigation of the road as a means of mental and physical exploration. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

McGregor, Gillian Kathleen (2000) The geomorphological impacts of impoundments, with particular reference to tributary bar development on the Keiskamma River, Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mnguni, Mphikeleli Matthew (2000) The role of black consciousness in the experience of being black in South Africa : the shaping of the identity of two members of AZAPO. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mniki, Felicia Nobesuthu Vuyiswa (2000) A critical analysis of the in-service education courses offered at Trinset, with particular reference to Geography. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Moeletsi, Motheba Gwendoline (2000) Grassroots diplomacy between Lesotho and South Africa : the district liaison committees. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mokuku, Tsepo (2000) Education for environmental literacy : towards participatory action research in the secondary school science curriculum in Lesotho. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Molose, Vivian Innotantia (2000) Materials in flexible learning teacher education courses in environmental education : an evaluative case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Morrison, Paula (2000) Master of Education portfolio. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Motseta, Sello (2000) The political significance of Winnie-Madikazela Mandela's position in the African National Congress. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Muluse, Lungile J. (2000) Research projects. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Muriuki, Irene (2000) Donor conditionalities and democratisation in Kenya, 1991-1997. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Muthayan, Saloshini (2000) A case study of multigrade teaching in Canada : implications for South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Nthimo, Mokitinyane Francis. (2000) The biology of commercially important fish species and a preliminary assessment of the fisheries potential of Katse Dam, Lesotho. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nyamuda, Paul Andrew (2000) Organisational leaders' perceptions of the challenges and constraints of the leadership development of Blacks in South African private organisations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nganwa, Patience Jennifer Kengyeya (2000) Enzymes with biocatalytic potential from Sorghum bicolor. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ndinga, S'busiso Simon. (2000) An investigation into tools and protocols for commercial audio web-site creation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Naidu, Samantha (2000) Transcribing tales, creating cultural identities : an analysis of selected written english texts of Xhosa folktales. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Naidoo, Vinothan (2000) Ethnic nationalism and democratisation in South Africa : political implications for the rainbow nation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nel, E.L. and Binns, T. (2000) Rural self-reliance strategies in South Africa: community initiatives and external support in the former black homelands. Journal of Rural Studies, 16 (3). pp. 367-377. ISSN 0743-0167

Ndlazi, Sibongile Mandisa (2000) An investigation of parental non-involvement in the governance of a Duncan Village school and its implications for the management of the school : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Neirynck, Karim (2000) Constitutional frameworks and democratization in Africa since independence. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nensala, Ngudiankama (2000) Photocatalytic reactions of metal diphthalocyanine complexes. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Netto, Lauren Joy (2000) The development of a pro forma document for use in police rape investigations in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ngwane, Mandisa Sweetness (2000) Research portfolio. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nkansa-Dwamena, Yaw (2000) Natural resources and local management in the Hewu District of the Eastern Cape : limitations to achieving sustainability. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nkuna, Musa (2000) A portfolio of original compositions with a commentary. Masters thesis, Rhodes Universityi.

Nongwe, Tozamile Johnson (2000) A survey of Butterworth senior secondary school teachers' views on the relationship between teacher involvement in decision-making and morale. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nürnberger, Margarete Paula Luise (2000) A Zulu martyr? : what are the factors that led to the sparse and irregular public commemoration on Maqhamusela Khanyile in the Lutheran church to which he belonged? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Othieno, Timothy Franklin. (2000) Cuba's revolutionist and anti-imperialist foreign policy in Southern Africa : the case of Angola and Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Onyango, Donald Otieno (2000) The economic implications of trade policy reform in South Africa for the automative industry in the Eastern Cape Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Peter, C.I. (2000) Water requirements and distribution of Ammophila arenaria and Scaevola plumieri on South African coastal dunes. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Pettit, Louise Manda (2000) An appraisal of the production and utility of digital atlases in Africa : a case study of Swaziland. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Payne, Rosemary Anne (2000) Spirulina as a bioremediation agent : interaction with metals and involvement of carbonic anhydrase. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Panago ., Soterios (2000) Development of the components of a low cost, distributed facial virtual conferencing system. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Peter, C.I. and Ripley, B.S. (2000) An empirical formula for estimating the water use of Scaevola plumieri. South African Journal of Science, 96 (11/12). pp. 593-596. ISSN 0038-2353

Peinke, Dean Michael (2000) The ecology and physiology of the springhare (Pedetes capensis) in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Phoofolo, Pule (2000) In time of plague : the Basotho and the rinderpest, 1896-8. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Picard, Michelle Yvette (2000) The serpent both in water and on land : a critical phenomenological investigation of foreign students' experiences of learning English in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Pillay, Paramasivan (2000) How can cooperative learning be developed to enhance the teaching of biology at secondary school level? PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Polteau, Stéphane (2000) Stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Makganyene formation, Transvaal supergroup, Northern Cape, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Poole, Tanya Katherine (2000) An exploration of female physicality and psyche and how these inform art-making. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Rowntree, Kate and Wadeson, R.A. and O'Keeffe, J. (2000) The development of a geomorphological classification system for the longitudinal zonation of South African rivers. South African Geographical Journal, 82 (3). pp. 163-172. ISSN 0373-6245

Ross, Allison (2000) Making sense of "essence" : a critical examination of the adequacy of the modern philosophical conception of "essence". Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rorke, Michael (2000) Designing and implementing a virtual reality interaction framework. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ramabhai, Leena I. (2000) The effect of load carriage on selected metabolic and perceptual responses of military personnel. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Reece, Sacha Louise (2000) The mandibular gland secretions and ovarial development of worker honeybees (Apis Mellifera) in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Richner, Sharon M. (2000) The measurement of genetic diversity in mycobacterium tuberculosis using random amplified polymorphic DNA profiling. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rusch, Mary L. (2000) Cognitive-behavioural treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome : an in-depth case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rust, Annegret L. (2000) The development of a WAIS-III short form for use in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Scott, P.A. and Ramabhai, Leena I. (2000) Load carrying: in situ physiological responses of an infantry platoon. Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa, 12 (1). pp. 18-24. ISSN 1010-2728

Scott, P.A. and Christie, C.J. (2000) Cardiac responses under diverse combinations of marching speed and backpack load. Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa, 12 (1). pp. 49-60. ISSN 1010-2728

Steyn, R. (2000) Therapists' constructs of healthy functioning as aspirational goal in transformative psychotherapy. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Shipton, T. A. (2000) The protein requirements of the South African abalone, Haliotis midae. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Schon, Pieter Jan (2000) An investigation into the influence of the environment on spawning aggregations and jig catches of chokka squid Loligo vulgaris reynaudii off the south coast of South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Shava, Soul (2000) The use of indigenous plants as food by a rural community in the Eastern Cape : an educational exploration. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sutton, Glen Robert (2000) Exploitation patterns of the multi species/gear hake (Merluccius capensis and paradoxus) fishery on South Africa's southeast coast. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Skepu, Zoleka G. (2000) Characterization of amide bond hydrolysis in novel hydantoinase-producing bacteria. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schafer, Marc (2000) Designing and making a difference : an exploration of technology education for rural school teachers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schudel, Ingrid (2000) Research projects portfolio. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Scott, Lucy Elizabeth Powell (2000) The development of a geographic information systems based atlas of southern African freshwater fish, and its application to biogeographic analysis. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sela, Michelle (2000) Exploring job satasfaction amongst government social workers in East London. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Smulders, Heidi (2000) An exploration of the interaction between integration and discipline in a former model C school in East London. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Swartz, Andre Michael (2000) Methods for designing and optimizing fuzzy controllers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Tatchell, D. (2000) Perspectives on inter-professional collaboration : mediation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Thomas, Lorraine (2000) Portfolio of three projects. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tanda, Sindiswa Eunice (2000) The effect of 6-Methoxy-2-Benzoxazolinone (6-MBOA) on indoleamine regulation and its possible role in depression. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tinney, Gregory Michael (2000) The structure and function of the gametes of the striped field mouse (Rhabdomys pumilio). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tsikos, Harilaos (2000) Petrographic and geochemical constraints on the origin and post-depositional history of the Hotazel iron-manganese deposits, Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Tutani, Lumka (2000) Nurses' experience of contesting discourses in HIV/AIDS activities in the primary health care setting. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Vat, N. (2000) Geographically distributed requirements elicitation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Vorster, J.E. (2000) The process of learning and teaching in supplemental instruction groups at Rhodes University. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Volsak , Nobubele (2000) Challenges facing probation officers working with young persons in conflict with the law. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Vincent, L.D. (2000) Bread and honour: white working class women and Afrikaner Nationalism in the 1930s. Journal of Southern African Studies, 26 (1). pp. 61-78. ISSN 0305-7070

Vat, Laura Suzanne (2000) The growth and reproduction of Patella granularis (Mollusca : patellogastropoda) on the south-east coast of South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Visser, Alvin-Jon (2000) Rural students' local knowledge of learning in formal and informal contexts. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Walker, R.B. and Haigh, J.M. and Smith, E.W. (2000) Application of the Minolta chromameter to the assessment of corticosteroid-induced skin blanching. In: Cutaneous Biometrics. Kluwer Academic/Plenum, New York, pp. 295-305. ISBN 0306461595

Westphal, Vivian (2000) The dynamics of an emerging outcomes-based educational approach in a second language English classroom. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wisch, Michael Henry (2000) Microemulsions :a new perspective in the treatment of paediatric and geriatric tuberculosis patients. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Watson, Kelvin Innes (2000) A history of the South African police in Port Elizabeth, 1913-1956. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Waters, Hywell George (2000) Colonial photography in nineteenth century Grahamstown : an analysis of the Dr. W.G. Atherstone Bequest. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wellington, Kevin Wayne (2000) Synthetic and analytical studies of biomimetic metal complexes. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Wendt, Erika (2000) An investigation of learners' perceptions of homework in relation to the learning of mathematics : case studies in the northern townships of Port Elizabeth. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Whittington-Jones, Kevin John (2000) Sulphide-enhanced hydrolysis of primary sewage sludge : implications for the bioremediation of sulphate-enriched wastewaters. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Wohlman, Michael Avron (2000) A cognitive behavioural treatment program for chronic lower back pain : a case study approach. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Yen, Jeffery (2000) Healing at the margins : discourses of culture and illness in psychiatrits', psychologists' and indigenous healers' talk about collaboration. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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