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Atebe, H.U. (2009) Student's van Hiele levels of geometric thought and conception in plane geometry : a collective case study of Nigeria and South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Abboo, S. (2009) Phenolic compounds in water and the implications for rapid detection of indicator micro-organisms using ß-D-Galactosidase and ß-D-Glucuronidase. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Antrobus, Richard Roy (2009) The advent of the 'Festivore' : an exploration of South African audience attendance in the performing arts at the National Arts Festival. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Andrews, Allen Hia (2009) Lead-radium dating of two deep-water fishes from the southern hemisphere, Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) and Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Arbi, Linda Margaret (2009) Unearthed : personifications of widowhood and acts of memory : volume 1 and 2. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Anderson, C. and Bates, I. and Beck, D. and Brock, T.B. and Futter, B. and Mercer, H. and Rouse, M. and Whitmarsh, S. and Wuliji, T. and Yonemura, A. (2009) The WHO UNESCO FIP Pharmacy Education Taskforce (commentary). Human Resources for Health, 7 (45). ISSN 1478-4491

Adebayo, A.I. and Nyokong, T. (2009) Synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of manganese, nickel and iron octakis-(2-diethylaminoethanethiol)-phthalocyanine. Polyhedron, 28 (14). pp. 2831-2838. ISSN 0277-5387

Andrews, Karen Anne Hope (2009) Normative indications for Xhosa-speaking unskilled workers on the trail making test and the stroop test. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Angula, Alina Hambelela (2009) The implementation of project work by selected grade 10 life science teachers in Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Avia, Ndiyakuphi (2009) Grade 10 life science teachers' understanding and development of critical thinking skills in selected schools in Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Booth, T L (2009) The ichthyofauna associated with Taylor's salt marsh, Kariega Estuary (Eastern Cape), South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Berold, R. and Limson, J.L. (2009) Curiosity first, applications later. South African Journal of Science, 105 (1/2). pp. 8-9. ISSN 0038-2353

Bordy, E.M. and Bumby, A.J. and Catuneanu, O. and Eriksson, P.G. (2009) Possible trace fossils of putative termite origin in the Lower Jurassic (Karoo Supergroup) of South Africa and Lesotho. South African Journal of Science, 105 (Sept/Oct). pp. 356-362. ISSN 0038-2353

Bownes, A. (2009) Evaluation of a plant-herbivore system in determining potential efficacy of a candidate biological control agent, cornops aquaticum for water hyacinth, eichhornia crassipes. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Böckle, I. (2009) Managerial perceptions of corporate social responsibility and social practices present at McDonalds South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bennett, A. I. (2009) The effect of load and technique on biomechanical and psychophysical responses to level dynamic pushing and pulling. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Birkholz, S. A. (2009) Human-river relationships in the Kat River catchment and the implications for integrated water resource management (IWRM) : an exploraratory study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Barbali, S. C. (2009) Coping with xenophobia : Senegalese migrants in Port Elizabeth. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bateman, G. (2009) Creative misreadings : allegory in Tracey Rose's Ciao Bella. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Balt, C. (2009) "A dark revolt of being" : abjection, sacrifice and the real in performance art, with reference to the works of Peter van Heerden and Steven Cohen. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Botha, M. (2009) Characterisation of the plasmodium falciparum Hsp40 chaperones and their partnerships with Hsp70. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Bunting, Mark B. (2009) The relationship between accounting choices and share prices : a study of South African listed companies. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Blake, Justin David (2009) The ichthyofauna and piscivorous avifauna in a small temporarily open/closed Eastern Cape estuary, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Banda, Musale Hamangaba (2009) A critical analysis of the management of climate change risk among short-term insurers in South Africa : evidence from company annual reports. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Barry, James Munnik Hamilton (2009) Comparison of A₄ neutrino mass models. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bolus, Cosman (2009) Collaborative monitoring in ecosystem management in South Africa's communal lands. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bosch, Colin (2009) An evaluation of the quality of customer service delivery offered by the East London public transport commuter rail service provider (operated by Metrorail). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bezuidenhout, L.P. (2009) Creating a virtual classroom: evaluating the use of online discussion forums to increase teaching and learning activities. In: EduLearn09 Conference, 6 - 8 July 2009, Barcelona, Spain. (Unpublished)

Badat, S. (2009) The challenges of education and development in twenty-first century South Africa. In: 15th Annual Conference of the Headmasters of the Traditional State Boy’s Schools of South Africa, 26 August 2009, Queens College, Queenstown, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Baines, G. (2009) De La Rey rides (yet) again : Afrikaner identity politics and nostalgia in post-apartheid South Africa. In: 15th Biennial IASPM International Conference, 13-17 July 2009, Liverpool, England. (Unpublished)

Britton, J. and Antunes, Edith Martins and Nyokong, T. (2009) Fluorescence studies of quantum dots and zinc tetraamino phthalocyanine conjugates. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 21 (9). pp. 828-831. ISSN 1387-7003

Badat, S. (2009) The role of higher education in society: valuing higher education. In: HERS-SA Academy 2009, 13-19 Sept 2009, University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Badat, S. (2009) Rhodes University 2009 Graduation Ceremonies Address. In: Rhodes University 2009 Graduation Ceremonies Address, 20 April 2009 14:03 - 20 April 2009 14:00, Grahamstown. (Unpublished)

Barnor, Joel A. (2009) An analysis of the money market linkages between South Africa and selected major world economies. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bernatzeder, Andrea K. (2009) Salinity induced physiological responses in juvenile dusky kob, Argyrosomus japonicus (Sciaenidae). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Cimi, P. V. (2009) An investigation of the indigenous ways of knowing about wild food plants (imifino) : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Cook, S. C. (2009) "Redress : debates informing exhibitions and acquisitions in selected South African public art galleries (1990-1994)". Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Collings, Sandy Lyn (2009) Economic consequences of ecological change : restoration options for the Mfolozi floodplain and implications for Lake St. Lucia, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Coetzee, Catherine Anne (2009) The development and evaluation of a programme to promote sensitive pscyhotherapeutic practice with gay men and lesbians. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Coetzee, Petrus J. (2009) A feasibility study into the possibility of ionospheric propagation of low VHF (30-35 MHZ) signals between South Africa and Central Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Campbell, Megan (2009) Repetitive symbolic play as a therapeutic process. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Chithambo, M.L. and Ogundare, F.O. (2009) Luminescence lifetime components in quartz: influence of irradiation and annealing. Radiation Measurements, 44 (5/6). pp. 453-457. ISSN 1350-4487

Cornwell, D.G.N. (2009) Don Maclennan (1929-2009) : obituary. English in Africa, 36 (1). pp. 13-16. ISSN 0376-8902

Craig, A.P.K. and Jäger, G. (2009) A common framework for lattice-valued uniform spaces and probabilistic uniform limit spaces. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 160 (9). pp. 1177-1203. ISSN 0165-0114

Coombs, G. and Peter, C.I. and Johnson, S.D. (2009) A test for Allee effects in the self-incompatible wasp-pollinated milkweed Gomphocarpus physocarpus. Austral Ecology, 34 (6). pp. 688-697. ISSN 1442-9985


De la Mare, J-A (2009) Understanding the complexity of metabolic regulatory systems : an investigation into the regulation of hydantoin-hydrolysis in Pseudomonas putida RU-KM3s. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Diaz Diaz, E. R. (2009) Hierarchical spatial structure and levels of resolution of intertidal grazing and their consequences on predictability and stability at small scales. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Desai, S. D. (2009) The effect of load and technique on biomechanical and perceptual responses during dynamic pushing and pulling. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Davies, S. M. (2009) The potential of a stratified ontology for developing materials in community-based coastal marine environmental education processes. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Daly, R. (2009) Trophodynamics of mesozooplankton in the the vicinity of the subtropical convergence in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Davenport, N. A. (2009) The contribution of municipal commonage to local people's livelihoods in small South African towns. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Du Toit, P. A. (2009) A case study : exploring students' experiences of a participative assessment approach on a professionally-orientated postgraduate programme. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dlamini, Thobile G. K. (2009) Dominant and non-dominant group's perceptions of the government-led economic transformation process in South Africa : report. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Davenport, N. A. and Gambiza, J. (2009) Municipal commonage policy and livestock owners: Findings from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Land use policy, 26 (3). pp. 513-520. ISSN 0264-8377

Dewa, Nonhlanhla (2009) Interrogating gender constructions in the Daily Sun : an analysis of the coverage of the 'Charter for a Man' campaign against gender violence between November and December 2007. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Edwards, D.J.A. (2009) Treating posttraumatic stress disorder in South Africa: an integrative model grounded in case-based research. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 19 (2). pp. 189-198. ISSN 1433-0237

Espinosa, M. J. (2009) Melanie Klein : a psychobiographical study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Euvrard, Jonathan George (2009) Shame is valuable. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Epus, Joash Gregory Odeke (2009) Contextualising curriculum through issues-based approaches : a case of eco-schools in Kenya. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Escobar-Porras, Jessica (2009) Movement patterns and population dynamics of four catsharks endemic to South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Erdoğmuş, A. and Nyokong, T. (2009) New soluble methylendioxy-phenoxy-substituted zinc phthalocyanine derivatives: synthesis, photophysical and photochemical studies. Polyhedron, 28 (14). pp. 2855-2862. ISSN 0277-5387

Ellender, Bruce Robert (2009) The impact of angling on smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish, labeobarbus aeneus and labeobarbus kimberleyensis, in Lake Gariep, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ellender, Bruce Robert and Weyl, O.L.F. and Winker, Henning (2009) Who uses the fishery resources in South Africa’s largest impoundment? Characterising subsistence and recreational fishing sectors on Lake Gariep. Water SA, 35 (5). pp. 679-682. ISSN 0378-4738

Elliott, Kevin Andrew (2009) The development of the stock market and its effect on economic growth : the case of SADC. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ellis, Hugh (2009) Conceptualisations of 'the community' and 'community knowledge' among community radio volunteers in Katutura, Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Fourie, D. (2009) An examination of an incentive system to maximize performance in an automobile manufacturing environment. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

French, R. S. C. (2009) The devil in disguise : a comparative study of Thomas Mann's "Doktor Faustus" (1947) and Klaus Mann's "Mephisto" (1936), focussing on the role of art as an allegory of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fletcher, H. K. (2009) Conflict, contradiction and crisis : an analysis of the politics of AIDS policy in post-Apartheid South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fraenkel, Linda Anne (2009) Learning about water through the African catchment game : the refinement of a role playing simulation game. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fraenkel, Linda Anne and Fox, R.C. (2009) Learning about Sustainability through Experiencing Complex, Adverse Conditions Typical of the South: Reflections from the African Catchment Games Played in Finland 2008. In: 11th International Conference of Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy, 28-29 May 2009, Tampere, Finland. (In Press)

Fox, R.C. and Wihlborg, E. and Lawrence, D. (2009) Overcoming marginalisation? Open Access research repositories at a South African and a Swedish University. In: IGU Commission on Marginalization, Globalization and Regional and Local Responses International Conference, 6-8 July 2009, Shah Alam, Malaysia. (Unpublished)

Fike, Lauren (2009) Cross-cultural normative indicators on the Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS) associate learning and visual reproduction subtests. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Foulkes, Philip James (2009) A grid based approach for the control and recall of the properties of IEEE 1394 audio devices. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Frith, Kelly-Anne (2009) Polymers, catalysts and nanostructures : a hybrid approach to biomolecule detection. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Glover, E. N. (2009) Analytic pricing of American put options. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Glass, K. R. (2009) Automating the conversion of natural language fiction to multi-modal 3D animated virtual environments. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Goga, S. (2009) The silencing of race at Rhodes : ritual and anti-politics on a post-apartheid campus. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Green, B. R. H. (2009) A book history study of Michael Radford's filmic production William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gumboreshumba, Laina (2009) Understanding form and technique : Andrew Tracey's contribution to knowledge of lamellophone (mbira) music of Southern Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Goble, Tarryn Anne (2009) Investigation of entomopathogenic fungi for control of false codling moth, Thaumatotibia leucotrata, Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata and Natal fruit fly, C. rosa in South African citrus. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Geyer, Xanthe Amanda (2009) Correction, addition and deletion : memory and its function in creating "visual narratives" (and identity) in photographic art. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gordon, Louise (2009) An investigation of prior knowledge about amphibians amongst Grade 7 learners : towards the development of a resource pack. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Grenfell, S.E. and Ellery, W.N. (2009) Hydrology, sediment transport dynamics and geomorphology of a variable flow river: the Mfolozi River, South Africa. Water SA, 35 (3). pp. 271-282. ISSN 0378-4738

Grenfell, S.E. and Ellery, W.N. and Grenfell, M.C. (2009) Geomorphology and dynamics of the Mfolozi River floodplain, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Geomorphology, 107 (3-4). pp. 226-240. ISSN 0169-555X

Gordon, A.K. and Muller, W.J. and Gysman, N. and Marshall, S.J. and Sparham, C.J. and O'Connor, S.M. and Whelan, M.J. (2009) Effect of laundry activities on in-stream concentrations of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate in a small rural South African river. Science of the Total Environment, 407 (15). pp. 4465-4471. ISSN 0048-9697

Gotz, A. and Kerwath, S.E. and Attwood, C.G. and Warwick, W.H.H. (2009) A change of the seaward boundary of Goukarmma Marine Protected Area could increase conservation and fishery benefits. South African Journal of Science, 105 (9/10). pp. 330-331. ISSN 0038-2353

Gumede, Sibusisiwe Marie-Louise (2009) Environmental education policy support in Southern Africa : a case story of SADC REEP. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Henninger, T. (2009) Aspects of the ecology and biology of the isopod, Exosphaeroma hylocoetes, (Barnard, 1940) in three temporarily open/closed southern African estuaries. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Haufiku, A. (2009) An investigation of lower primary teachers' content knowledge of mathematics in Ohangwena region in Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hawkes, J. (2009) Challenging retributivist intuitions. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hove, T. (2009) Bond market development in emerging economies : a case study of the Bond Exchange of South Africa (BESA). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hacksley, T. C. (2009) A critical edition of the poems of Henry Vaux (c. 1559-1587) in MS. Folger Bd with STC 22957. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hamasaka, C. (2009) The impact of the broadcast legislative reforms on the newsroom staff's perceptions of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)'s editorial operations and news content. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Habarulema, John Bosco and McKinnell, Lee-Anne and Opperman, B. D. L. (2009) A recurrent neural network approach to quantitatively studying solar wind effects on TEC derived from GPS; preliminary results. Annales Geophysicae, 27 (5). pp. 2111-2125. ISSN 0992-7689

Hesjedal, Siv Helen (2009) Contemporary left politics in South Africa : the case of the tri-partite alliance in the Eastern Cape. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hungwe, Faith (2009) Variability analysis of a sample of potential southern calibration sources. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hamilton, Kelly (2009) Collective forgiving. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hamukwaya, Shemunyenge Taleiko (2009) An investigation into parental involvements in the learning of mathematics : a case study involving grade 5 San learners and their parents. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Henderson, Layle (2009) "I don't think it's the whole story!" : a case study of the linguistic face management strategies of dyslexic adults. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hill, Peter William (2009) The South African community pharmacist and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus : a pharmaceutical care intervention. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Heyns, Elodie R. (2009) Spatial and temporal patterns in the hyperbenthic community structure in a permanently open Eastern Cape estuary, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hodgskiss, Jodi Lyndall (2009) Cumulative effects of living conditions and working conditions on the health, well-being, and work ability of nurses in Grahamstown East and West. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Heshula, Unathi-Nkosi Lelethu Peter (2009) Induced plant responses of different Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae) varieties to herbivory by Falconia intermedia (distant) (Hemiptera: Miridae). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Hoffmann, Nimi Ingeborg (2009) The role of the instrumental principle in economic explanations. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hong, J.H. and Chung, J.H. and Cowan, A.K. (2009) Lyso-phosphatidylethanolamine-enhanced phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and insoluble acid invertase in isolated radish cotyledons. Plant Growth Regulation, 57 (1). pp. 69-78. ISSN 0167-6903

Hendricks, M. (2009) Grade-appropriate literacy and South African grade seven learners' classroom writing in English. Early Child Development and Care, 179 (3). pp. 271-284. ISSN 0300-4430

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Habarulema, John Bosco and McKinnell, Lee-Anne and Opperman, B. D. L. (2009) Towards a GPS-based TEC prediction model for Southern Africa with feed forward networks. Advances in Space Research, 44 (1). pp. 82-92. ISSN 0273-1177

Hajat, A. and Banks, D. and Aiken, R. and Shackleton, C.M. (2009) Efficacy of solar power units for small-scale businesses in a remote rural area, South Africa. Renewable Energy, 34 (12). pp. 2722-2727. ISSN 0960-1481

Haddad, N. and Fuchs, S and Hepburn, H.R. and Radloff, S.E. (2009) Apis florea in Jordan: source of the founder population. Apidologie, 40 (4). pp. 508-512. ISSN 0044-8435

Haingura, Rudolph (2009) Enhancing learner centred education through the eco-schools framework : case studies of eco-schools practice in South Africa and Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Helmuth, Angelo (2009) Economic diversification of a mining town : a case study of Oranjemund. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Hompashe, Dumisani MacDonald (2009) Is inflation targeting a viable option for a developing country? : the case of Malawi. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Idowu, M.A. (2009) Photophysical and photochemical behaviour of metallophthalocyanines : effect of nanoparticles and molecules of biological importance. PhD thesis, Rhodes university.

Igumbor, Osedum, P (2009) A proxy approach to protocol interoperability within digital audio networks. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Jervois, W. (2009) An account of the life of Captain Samuel Jervois. Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, 114 . pp. 23-32. ISSN 0010-8731

Jones, R. W. (2009) The impact on biodiversity, and integrated control, of water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes (Martius) Solms-Laubach (Pontederiaceae) on the Lake Nsezi - Nseleni River system. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

James, Alison (2009) An investigation into what influences action competence-oriented teaching and learning processes in a school environmental club. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Johannes, Thomas Kamusheeta (2009) An investigation of principals' perceptions and experiences of the implementation of the national standards and performance indicators (NSPI) for Namibian schools in the Ohangwena region. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

James, N.C. and Harrison, T.D. (2009) A preliminary survey of the estuaries on the south coast of South Africa, Robberg Peninsula - Cape St Francis, with particular reference to the fish fauna : ecological overview article. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 64 (1). pp. 14-31. ISSN 0035-919X

Johns, Michael Ryan (2009) Macroeconomic convergence within SADC : implications for the formation of a regional monetary union. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Johnson, S.D. and Griffiths, M.E. and Peter, C.I. and Lawes, M.J. (2009) Pollinators, “mustard oil” volatiles, and fruit production in flowers of the dioecious tree Drypetes natalensis (Putranjivaceae). American journal of botany, 96 (11). pp. 2080-2086. ISSN 0002-9122

Jones, Barbara Ellen (2009) A critical analysis of discourses constructing portfolio assessment practices in three Eastern Cape schools. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Krüger, R. (2009) Racism and law : implementing the right to equality in selected South African equality courts. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Koyana, G. P. (2009) A case study of strategy implementation at a major Eastern Cape component supplier company in the automotive industry. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kemp, J. O. G. (2009) Mariculture as a means to add value to the east coast rock lobster Panulirus homarus rubellus subsistence fishery : a physiological approach to define transport and growout protocols for wild caught juveniles. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kaschula, S. A. H. (2009) The impact of HIV and AIDS on household food security and food acquisition strategies in South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Kelly, J. E. (2009) The effect of progressive resistance training on the blood lipid profile in post-menopausal women. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Keal, D. (2009) An investigation of changing socio-economic conditions, opportunities and development interventions in small Eastern Cape towns in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kandjou, K. (2009) Effect of salinity on oxygen consumption and growth of juvenile white steenbras, litohognathus lithognathus. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kerr, Simon (2009) Visual based finger interactions for mobile phones. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kakhobwe, Penelope (2009) How on-line publishing contributes to democracy, press freedom and the public sphere : a case study of Nyasatimes online and The Daily Times newspaper in Malawi. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kashikatu, Lukas (2009) An organization development intervention in a Namibian rural school in Ohanguena region. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Katulo, Mighty Masiku (2009) An investigation of the role of principals in promoting computer usage in selected Namibian schools. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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