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Magagane , Raesetja Linah (2011) The development and technologizing of selected Sepedi ICT terminology. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Acker, Shaun Albert (2011) Writing the aerial dancing body : a preliminary choreological investigation of the aesthetics and kinetics of the aerial dancing body. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ajagbe, Stephen Mayowa (2011) An analysis of the long run comovements between financial system development and mining production in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Alexander, Jamie Kim (2011) Stories from forest, river and mountain : exploring children's cultural environmental narratives and their role in the transmission of cultural connection to and protection of biodiversity. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Andrews, Rushda Ruth (2011) Where leaders learn: constructions of leadership and leadership development at Rhodes University. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Brustein, R and Medved, A.J.M (2011) Unitarity constraints on the ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density in higher derivative gravity. Physical Review D, 83 (12). ISSN 1550-7998

Bromley, Candice Leigh (2011) Studies in South African marine molluscan chemistry. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bangura, Lamin (2011) Adjustment of commercial banks' interest rates and the effectiveness of monetary policy : evidence from Anglophone West Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Bronner, Irene Enslé (2011) Intimate masculinities in the work of Paul Emmanuel. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Beukes, Natasha (2011) Effect of alkaline pre-treatments on the synergistic enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) bagasse by Clostridium cellulovorans XynA, ManA and ArfA. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Brustein, R and Gorbonos, D and Hadad, M and Medved, A.J.M (2011) Evaluating the Wald entropy from two-derivative terms in quadratic actions. Physical Review D, 84 (6). ISSN 1550-7998

Brustein, R and Medved, A.J.M (2011) Non-perturbative unitarity constraints on the ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density in ultraviolet-complete theories with a gravity dual. Physical Review D, 84 (12). p. 126001. ISSN 1550-7998

Badat, S. (2011) Rhodes University 2011 Graduation Ceremonies Address. In: Rhodes University 2011 Graduation Ceremonies Address, 07 April 2011 13:00 - 07 April 2011 13:00, Grahamstown. (Unpublished)

Badat, S. (2011) VC’s tapestry unveiling address. In: Address of the Vice-Chancellor at the unveiling of the Tapestry in the Rhodes University Council and Senate Chamber, 01 December 2011 13:00, Rhodes University Senate Chambers. (Unpublished)

Badat, S. (2011) Vice-Chancellor's welcoming address 2011. In: Vice-Chancellor's welcoming 2011, 01 February 2011 13:00 - 05 February 2011 13:00, Grahamstown. (Unpublished)

Baron, Elizabeth Mary (2011) The role of teacher cognition in the integration of technology into English teaching : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Barratt, Neal Anthony (2011) An empirical phenomenological investigation of procrastinating behaviour. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Bragge, Brent Reuben (2011) Economic impact studies and methodological bias : the case of the National Arts Festival in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Buitendag, Kingsley Alexander (2011) A short composition portfolio. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Cooper, Leanne Claire (2011) The role of Hsp90 in the Wnt pathway of MCF7 breast cancer cells. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Coombs, Gareth (2011) Ecology and degree of specialization of South African milkweeds with diverse pollination systems. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Clarkson, C. and Ellis, G. and Larena, J. and Umeh, O. (2011) Does the growth of structure affect our dynamical models of the Universe? The averaging, backreaction, and fitting problems in cosmology. Reports on Progress in Physics, 74 (11). Article Number: 112901. ISSN 0034-4885; ESSN: 1361-6633

Clitheroe, C-L and Villet, M.H. (2011) 3000 miles from home: a new Gastrosericus baobabicus Pulawski, 1995 (Hymenoptera, Larridae) distribution record highlights that the Sahel has a distinct entomofaunal signature. African Entomology, 19 (3). pp. 730-732. ISSN 1021-3589

Cripwell, Devin Matthew (2011) Biomechanical, physiological and perceptual responses of three different athlete groups to the cycle-run transition. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Crymble, Leigh (2011) Textual representations of migrants and the process of migration in selected South African media: a combined critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Dastile, Xolani Collen (2011) Improved tree species discrimination at leaf level with hyperspectral data : combining binary classifiers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

D'Souza, Sarah (2011) The photophysical properties of low symmetry phthalocyanines in conjunction with quantum dots. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dali, Luzuko O'Brian (2011) Initial investigations into dynamics of mesozooplankton community structure in Algoa Bay, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Dambuza, Inga Yola (2011) Effects of colours, shapes and icons on performance and familiarity. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

De Coning, Alexis (2011) Perversity on paper : taboo, abjection and literature : Iain Banks' The wasp factory, Ian McEwan's The cement garden, and Irvine Welsh's Marabou stork nightmares. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Downsborough, L. and Shackleton, C.M. and Knight, A. (2011) The potential for voluntary instruments to achieve conservation planning goals: the case of conservancies in South Africa. Oryx, 45 . pp. 357-364. ISSN 0030-6053


Elliott, Nicola (2011) Humour's critical capacity in the context of South African dance, with two related analyses. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Erlank, Wayne Michael (2011) An evaluation of the feasibility of obtaining payment for ecosystem services for the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Fadiran, Gideon Oluwatobi (2011) South African money market volatility, asymmetry and retail interest pass-through. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Faull, Lionel Peter (2011) Robert Herrick's self-presentation in Hesperides and his Noble numbers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Fearon, Janine Lee (2011) The genetic diversity and conservation biology of the rare terrestrial snail genus Prestonella. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Goble, Jessica Leigh (2011) The druggable antimalarial target 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase:purfication, kinetic characterization and inhibition studies. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Giqwa, Nomfundiso Louisa (2011) Investigation of learning in an environmental skills programme : a case study of workers' training in the Department of Environmental Affairs Expanded Public Works Project. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gundhla, Isaac Zvikomborero (2011) pH-metric speciation and anti-diabetic study of oxovanadium (IV) amino acid derivatives. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gillitt, Tarryn Jane (2011) The mindful therapist : an interpretive phenomenological analysis of mindfulness meditation and the therapeutic alliance. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Gandu, Yohanna Kagoro (2011) Oil enclave economy and sexual liaisons in Nigeria's Niger Delta region. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Grewar, Robert (2011) Investigating the relationship between sustainability and farmer decision-making: a qualitative study of maize farmers in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Hansjee, Jateen (2011) Abortion as disruption : discourses surrounding abortion in the talk of men. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Harrison, T.G. and Shallcross, D.E. and Norman, N.C. and Sewry, J.D. and Davies-Coleman, M.T. (2011) Publicising chemistry in a multicultural society through chemistry outreach. South African Journal of Science, 107 (11/12). p. 1. ISSN 0038-2353

Hagen, Brett (2011) The critical natural capital of the Buffalo City Municipality, South Africa : harnessing local action for biodiversity conservation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Idahosa, K.C. and Molefe, D.M. and Pakade, V.E. and Brown, M.E. (2011) Elucidation of the Complex Baylis-Hillman Reaction of 3-Methoxy-2-nitrobenzaldehyde with Methyl Vinyl Ketone. South African Journal of Chemistry, 64 . pp. 144-150. ISSN 0379-4350

Iileka , Ottilie. (2011) An investigation of teacher educators' perceptions and implementation of formative assessment at a college of education in Namibia : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Irwin, Barry Vivian William (2011) A framework for the application of network telescope sensors in a global IP network. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Jussa, Leman .Abdulrazak Wyson (2011) An evaluation of the marketing and distribution channels of the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union (MZCPCU):Malawi. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jani, Pride (2011) Extending legal professional privilege to non-legal tax practitioners in South Africa: a comparative and constitutional perspective. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Jackson, Lindsay May (2011) Male and female cardiovascular risk in an urban, black working population. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Johnson, Linda Gail (2011) Effects of habitat patch size and isolation on the population structure of two siphonarian limpets. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Kaye, P.T. (2011) Designer ligands: The search for metal ion selectivity. South African Journal of Science, 107 (3/4). pp. 1-8. ISSN 0038-2353

Kelly, C.M.R. and Branch, W.R. and Boadley, D. and Barker, N.P. and Villet, M.H. (2011) Molecular systematics of the African snake family Lamprophiidae Fitzinger, 1843 (Serpentes: Elapoidea), with particular focus on the genera Lamprophis Fitzinger 1843 and Mehelya Csiki 1903. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 58 (3). pp. 415-426. ISSN 1055-7903

Kambadza, Tinashe Harry Dumile (2011) How integrated are the African stock exchanges? : evidence from long term comovement, returns and volatility spillovers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kassa, Mulualem Tamiru (2011) Molecular analysis of genetic diversity in dometicated pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) and wild relatives. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Kruger, Michelle (2011) Spatio-temporal dynamics of ichthyoplankton in the Kowie estuary, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Kuruneri-Chitepo, C and Shackleton, C.M. (2011) The distribution, abundance and composition of street trees in selected towns of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 10 (3). pp. 247-254. ISSN 1618-8667


Lewis, C.A. (2011) Late Quaternary environmental phases in the Eastern Cape and adjacent Plettenberg Bay-Knysna region and Little Karoo, South Africa. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 122 (1). pp. 187-200. ISSN 0016-7878

Lotter, Jaclyn Oehley (2011) A narrative analysis of young black South African women's stories about the recent divorce of their parents. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lukweza, Chishala (2011) An investigation into the state-of-practice of information security within Zambian copper mines : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lunga, Carolyne Mande (2011) Investigating at the grassroots: exploring the origins, purposes journalistic practices and outcomes in two award-winning Daily Dispatch editorial projects. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Lunt, N. (2011) The role of small antelope in ecosystem functioning in the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Magwizi, Brenda Thandekha (2011) Exchange rate behavior in the cases of the Zambian Kwacha and Malawian Kwacha : is there misalignment? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mautsa, Nicodemus (2011) Structural and functional characterisation of the protein inhibitor of activated STAT3 (PIAS3). PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Morar, Derwina (2011) Inflation threshold and nonlinearity :implications for inflation targeting in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mpofu, Bukhosi Dumoluhle (2011) Consumer perceptions of private label brands : an Eastern Cape university-aged analysis. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Muroyiwa , Brian (2011) Identifying the interdependence between South Africa's monetary policy and the stock market. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Moeno, Sharon Keitumetse Gail Mpheletso (2011) Effect of nanoparticles on the photophysicochemical behaviour of metallophthalocyanines. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Moshabesha, Mosili (2011) The relationship between financial development and manufacturing sector growth : evidence from Southern African Customs Union countries. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mumba, Mabvuto (2011) Analysis of volatility spillover effects between the South African, regional and world equity markets. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mugadza, Tawanda (2011) Characterization and electrocatalytic applications of metallophthalocyanine-single walled carbon nanotube conjugates. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Morison, Tracy (2011) Doubly damned: The experience of HIV-positive maternity. PINS, 41 . pp. 62-65.

Morison, Tracy (2011) 'But what story?' A narrative-discursive analysis of “White” Afrikaners’ accounts of male involvement in parenthood decision-making. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Maema, Mathe (2011) OVR : a novel architecture for voice-based applications. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mahapatra, A.K. and Shackleton, C.M. (2011) Has deregulation of non-timber forest product controls and marketing in Orissa state (India) affected local patterns of use and marketing. Forest Policy and Economics, 13 (8). pp. 622-629. ISSN 1389-9341

Mahasele, Phehello Anthony (2011) Monitoring and evaluation indicators of the HIV & AIDS programme in Grahamstown‘s public sector health care system. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Malamis, Daniel Scott Christos (2011) The justice of Dikê : on the forms and significance of dispute settlement by arbitration in the Iliad. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mambo, Prudence Mutsa (2011) Towards a sustainable bioprocess for the remediation of acid mine drainage. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mare, Admire (2011) Business journalism ethics in Africa : a comparative study of newsrooms in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Martin, G.D and Coetzee, J.A. (2011) Pet stores, aquarists and the internet trade as modes of introduction and spread of invasive macrophytes in South Africa. Water SA, 37 (3). pp. 371-380. ISSN 0378-4738

Martinez-Azorin, M. and Cresbo, M.B. and Dold, A.P. and Barker, N.P. (2011) The identity of Albuca caudata Jacq. (Hyacinthaceae) and a description of a new related species: A. bakeri. PhytoKeys, 5 . pp. 5-19. ISSN 1314-2003 (online) 1314-2011 (print)

Matcher, G.F. and Dorrington, R.A. and Henninger, T.A. and Froneman, P.W. (2011) Insights into the bacterial diversity in a freshwater-deprived permanently open Eastern Cape estuary, using 16S rRNA pyrosequencing analysis. Water SA, 37 (3). pp. 381-390. ISSN 0378-4738

Mbanjwa, Sibonelo Glenton (2011) The implementation of a performance management system in the Northern Cape Department of Environment and Nature Conservation. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

McLean, Nicolene Cindy (2011) "Rape and cable theft on the increase" : interrogating Grocott's Mail coverage of rape through participatory action research. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mekiso, Feleke Abiyo (2011) Hydrological proceses, chemical variability, and multiple isotopestracing of water flow paths in the Kudumela Wetland- Limpopo Province, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Melly, Brigitte Leigh (2011) The zoogeography of the cetaceans in Algoa Bay. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Merron, James Lawrence (2011) Wattle we do? : alien eradication and the 'ecology of fear' on the fringes of a world heritage site, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mmualefe, Lesego Cecilia and Torto, N. (2011) Water quality in the Okavango Delta. Water SA, 47 (3). pp. 411-418. ISSN 0378-4738

Mnene, Mthetheleli (2011) Investigating teaching and learning within three Eastern Cape reception year classrooms. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mnjama, Gladys Susan (2011) Exchange rate pass-through to domestic prices in Kenya. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mokgadi, Janes (2011) Pressurized hot water extraction of nutraceuticals and organic pollutants from medicinal plant. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Molawa, Letshego Gloria (2011) SphereZyme (TM) technology for enhanced enzyme immobilisation : application in biosensors. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mpofu, Christopher (2011) Assessment of organochlorine pesticide residues in fish samples from the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Msimanga, Nkululeko Lwazi (2011) Cointegration, causality and international portfolio diversification : investigating potential benefits to a South African investor. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mungwashu, Sthembiso Handinawangu (2011) A learning state? : a case study of the post-1994 South African welfare regime. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Muronga, Michael Muduva (2011) The participation of teachers in the management and decision-making of three schools in the Kavango region of Namibia : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mutengwa, Tafadzwa Isaac (2011) An analysis of the Libor and Swap market models for pricing interest-rate derivatives. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mutorwa, Marius Kudumo (2011) Synthesis of novel inhibitors of 1-Deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase as potential anti-malarial lead compounds. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Mutsvunguma, Lorraine Zvichapera (2011) Investigating the Role of Heat Shock Proteins (Hsps) 40, 70 and 90 in the Life Cycle of Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Mwilu, Lwanga Racheal (2011) Framing the foreigner : a close reading of readers' comments on Thought leader blogs on xenophobia published between May and June, 2008. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Namukwambi, Nahum (2011) An investigation of instructional leadership in a Namibian rural school. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nauyoma-Hamupembe, Ladipaleni Ndadiinina (2011) Teachers' leadership roles at a public rural school in the Ohangwena Region, Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Newcombe, Hylton Cecil (2011) Contribution towards the development of a management plan for the baitboat and sport fishery for tuna in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nghatanga, Ponny Haggai (2011) The role of cluster centre principals in the Ohangwena education region in Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Ngula, Elizabeth Njanjukweni-Aluhe (2011) The reading of extended text in Oshindonga in grade 2 in selected Namibian schools. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nolting, Janine (2011) Proposed South African management framework for the implementation of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nyathi, Sihle (2011) The Iindaba Ziyafika project : a new community of practice? Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Nyoni, Dubekile (2011) Mechanistic studies of unusual Morita-Baylis-Hillman reactions. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Ogunbayo, Taofeek Babatunde (2011) Investigation of photosensitising behaviour of Ni, Pd and Pt phthalocyanines towards phenolic pollutants. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Odume, Oghenekaro Nelson (2011) Application of macroinvertebrate based biomonitoring approaches to assess anthropogenic impacts in the Swartkops River, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Oladeinde,, Olusegun Olurotimi (2011) Management and the dynamics of labour process : study of workplace relations in an oil refinery, Nigeria. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Olomola, Temitope Oloruntoba (2011) Synthesis and evaluation of novel HIV-1 enzyme inhibitors. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Opoku-Debrah, John Kwadwo (2011) Studies on existing and new isolates of Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus (CrleGV) on Thaumatotibia leucotreta populations from a range of geographic regions in South Africa. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Pillay, Jayalakshmi (2011) A case study of corporate social investment : employing people with intellectual disabilities. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Phiri, Aretha Myrah Muterakuvanthu (2011) Toni Morrison and the literary canon : whiteness, blackness, and the construction of racial identity. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Petrov, Pavel (2011) Cointegration in equity markets : a comparison between South African and major developed and emerging markets. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Paphitis, Sharli Anne (2011) Control and authenticity : reflections on personal autonomy. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Pule, Bellah Oreeditse (2011) Solid-phase extraction based sample preparation for the determination of drug and organic pollutant residues. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Pereira da Conceicoa, L.L. and Price, B.W. and Villet, M.H. (2011) Taxonomy 2.0: biodiversity in the digital age. Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Pakade, V. and Cukrowska, E. and Darkwa, J. and Torto, N. and Chimuka, L. (2011) Selective removal of chromium (VI) from sulphates and other metal anions using an ion-imprinted polymer. Water SA, 37 (4). pp. 529-537. ISSN 0378-4738

Paumgarten, F. and Shackleton, C.M. (2011) The role of non-timber forest products in household coping strategies in South Africa: the influence of household wealth and gender. Population and Environment, 33 (1). pp. 108-131. ISSN 1573-7810

Plass-Johnson, Jeremiah Grahm (2011) The trophic ecology of parrotfish of Zanzibar : application of stable isotope analysis. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Poulos, Tessa (2011) Relational processes enabling the balancing of academic work and motherhood : a grounded theory study with academic women at a South African university. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Preller, Cindy (2011) When birthing makes the news : the depiction of women as a newsworthy item in Die Burger (Oos-Kaap). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Quvile, Nkosipendule (2011) Evaluating the sustainable management of the State indigenous forests in the Eastern Cape Province. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Rammika, Modise and Darko, G. and Torto, N. (2011) Incorporation of Ni(II)-dimethylglyoxime ion-imprinted polymer into electrospun polysulphone nanofibre for the determination of Ni(II) ions from aqueous samples. Water SA, 37 (4). pp. 539-546. ISSN 0378-4738

Rammika, Modise and Darko, G. and Tshentu, Z and Sewry, J.D. and Torto, N. (2011) Dimethylglyoxime based ion-imprinted polymer for the determination of Ni(II) ions from aqueous samples. Water SA, 37 (3). pp. 321-329. ISSN 0378-4738

Rengura, Demetrius Kativa (2011) Exploring staff involvement in an organization development intervention in a school in the Kavango region, Namibia : a case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Rossetti, Nani Adami (2011) The effect of dietary fish oil replacement with soybean oil on growth and health of dusky kob, Argyrosomus japonicus (Pisces: Sciaenidae). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.


Sharma, R. and Walker, R.B. and Pathak, K. (2011) Evaluation of the kinetics and mechanism of drug release from Econazole nitrate nanosponge loaded Carbapol Hydrogel. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, 55 (1). pp. 25-31. ISSN 0019-5464

Sibanda, Zenzo (2011) Angel networks as a business start-up financing option in South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sandler, Jeanette Louise (2011) A formative evaluation of the implementation process of the supply chain management policy framework in Eastern Cape Provincial Administration. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Slaughter, Andrew Robert (2011) Modelling the relationship between flow and water quality in South African rivers. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Sciscio, Lara (2011) Neogene fluvial deposits along the south-west coast of South Africa : understanding the palaeoclimate through proxies. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Silo, Nthalivi (2011) Exploring opportunities for action competence development through learners' participation in waste management activities in selected primary schools in Botswana. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Steenkamp, Angeline Anna (2011) An organisation development intervention in a secondary school in the Erongo region of Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Smit, Sonja (2011) Revolt as a strategy of de-reification in contemporary performance practice. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Samson, Duncan Alistair (2011) The heuristic significance of enacted visualisation. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Santos, Phillip (2011) Representing conflict : an analysis of The Chronicle's coverage of the Gukurahundi conflict in Zimbabwe between 1983 and 1986. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sarimana, Ashley (2011) Trials and triumphs in public office : the life and work of E.J.N. Mabuza. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Schmidt, Jadon (2011) The potential impact of diving charges on the demand for diving and the diving industry in the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area : a pilot study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Schoon, Alette Jeanne (2011) Raw phones : the domestication of mobile phones amongst young adults in Hooggenoeg, Grahamstown. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Sennuga, Afolake Temitope (2011) Biological synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and their interactions with various biomedical targets. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Shackleton, C.M. and Scholes, R.J (2011) Above ground woody community attributes, biomass and carbon stocks along a rainfall gradient in the savannas of the central lowveld, South Africa. South African Journal of Botany, 77 (1). pp. 184-192. ISSN 0254-6299

Shitana, Silas Shituleipo (2011) An investigation into the principals' leadership roles in selected schools in the Ohangwena Region in Namibia : case study. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Short, James Roswell (2011) An investigation into the replication biology of Helicoverpa armigera stunt virus. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Siebörger, I. and Adendorff, R.D. (2011) Can contracts be both plain and precise? Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 29 (4). pp. 483-504. ISSN 1607-3614

Slabbert, Meggan (2011) Three's a crowd : the process of triadic translation in a South African psychiatric institution. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Spearman, Tarryn Leigh (2011) The valuation of amounts for the purpose of inclusion in gross income. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Starkey, Randall Ashley (2011) Financial system development and economic growth in selected African countries : evidence from a panel cointegration analysis. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Steenkamp, Elzette Lorna (2011) Identity, belonging and ecological crisis in South African speculative fiction. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Still-Drewett, F. (2011) Ilam's Archival Revitalisation: the past five years at the International Library of African Music. Fontes Artis Musicae, 58 (2). pp. 157-164. ISSN 0015-6191

Stirton, C.H. and Clark, Vincent Ralph and Barker, N.P. and Muasya, A.M. (2011) Psoralea margaretiflora (Psoraleeae, Fabaceae): A new species from the Sneeuberg Centre of Floristic Endemism, Eastern Cape, South Africa. PhytoKeys, 5 . pp. 31-38. ISSN 1314-2003 (online) 1314-2011 (print)


Teske, P.R. and von der Heyden , S. and McQuaid, C.D. and Barker, N.P. (2011) A review of marine phylogeography in southern Africa. South African Journal of Science, 107 (5/6). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0038-2353

Tanyanyiwa, Precious (2011) Race, class and inequality : an exploration of the scholarship of Professor Bernard Magubane. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Teng, James Wei Jie (2011) An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experiences of HIV-positive lay counsellors working in the voluntary counselling and testing settings. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Thondhlana, Gladman (2011) Dryland conservation areas, indigenous people, livelihoods and natural resource values in South Africa : the case of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.

Tijjani-Oshungboye, Kubura (2011) Microalgae biomass as fermentation feedstock. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tita, Anthanasius Fomum (2011) Interest rate pass-through in Cameroon and Nigeria : a comparative analysis. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tom, Lubabalo Alexander (2011) A case study of the strategic leadership displayed by Kevin Hedderwick at Famous Brands between 2004-2009. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tongo, Yanga (2011) Financial sector development and sectoral output growth : evidence from South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tristram, Waide Barrington (2011) Investigating tools and techniques for improving software performance on multiprocessor computer systems. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tsarwe, Stanley Zvinaiye (2011) "Too tired to speak?" : investigating the reception of Radio Grahamstown's Lunchtime Live show as a means of linking local communities to power. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tshiningayamwe, Sirkka Alina Nambashusan (2011) Implementation of environmental learning in the NSSC biology curriculum component : a case study of Namibia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Tsietsi, Mosiuoa Jeremia (2011) A structural and functional specification of a SCIM for service interaction management and personalisation in the IMS. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Uwamahoro, Jean (2011) An analysis of sources and predictability of geomagnetic storms. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Villet, M.H. and Crous, Kendall Lauren (2011) Proceedings of the Congresses of the Southern African Society for Systematic Biology. Proceedings of the Congresses of the Southern African Society for Systematic Biology, 9 . The Southern African Society for Systematic Biology, Grahamstown. ISBN ISSN: 2219-410X

Van Heerden, Vicky (2011) Local government reform in Western Australia : a case study on change readiness. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van Niekerk, Mark Harry (2011) Quantifying crop damage by Grey crowned crane balearica regulorum regulorum and evaluating changes in crane distribution in the North Eastern Cape, South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Van der Merwe, Michelle (2011) The use of learning support materials in the rural schools of Maputaland, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Von Lengeling, Volkher Heinrich Christoph (2011) The nexilitas factor : host-guest relationships in small owner managed commercial accommodation facilities in contemporary South Africa. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Von Veh, Karen (2011) Transgressive Christian iconography in post-apartheid South African art. PhD thesis, Rhodes University.


Wilkerson , Tendai Marowa (2011) A comparative analysis of the intermediary systems in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Wright, L.S. (2011) 'Iron on iron': Modernism engaging apartheid in some South African Railway Poems. English Studies in Africa, 54 (2). pp. 1-15. ISSN 0013-8398

Waddington, Andrew John (2011) Investigating the impact of brand reputation on brand architecture strategies : a study on a South African automotive company. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

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